GOOD NEWS! SNL is Funny Again!

  Hey, Super Troopers! What a week it’s been! ( <– I am starting this post on Monday, as usual )   We gotta start off with THIS: John Mulaney hosted SNL this past weekend and it was INCREDIBLE. You really should watch the whole thing (especially his monologue, which[…]

GOOD NEWS! I’m Busy As Hell, Which Is A Good Thing!

  Oof my gawd, this week is busy but amazing! It started on Saturday, when I finally made it out to the Guggenheim to see Dahn Vo’s exhibit “Take My Breath Away,” and looking back, it definitely did! It was also my first time at the ‘heim, or the Guug,[…]

GOOD NEWS! I’m Busy Work-work-work-work-work-workin’!

  Wondering why it’s so quiet around here? No, it’s not because I’m so depressed that I can’t get it together to actually form a sentence — that was last week. This week I’m doing a lot better, because I’m at work! Yes, thank GAWD, I have something to take my mind off the[…]

GOOD NEWS! A Day Late, And Hastily Thrown Together TBH

  Well, what can I say? It’s a combination of PMS, Mercury Retrograde, generally overcast weather, and terrible depression! I haven’t been sleeping well, and when I am, my dreams are really shitty: like, I had a dream that RuPaul invited me to camp with him at Burning Man, and[…]

GOOD NEWS! I *FINALLY* Touched Up My Roots!!!

  So this week was a week off from the studio, and I made myself to-do lists EVERY DAY. At the top of the list was TOUCH UP MY ROOTS. They were getting to be like 2.5 inches long, and it wasn’t the BEST touch-up job (can we say, “polka[…]

GOOD NEWS! Congrats to the WINNER of ALL STARS 3!!!

  Hello hello hello!!!   I am *not* revealing (Ru-vealing?) any spoilers, I am just going to say that I was VERY PLEASED with the outcome of All Stars 3, even if I had to pause the episode four minutes and fourteen seconds before the end to take an Anxiety Shit before[…]

GOOD NEWS! Have Your Pussy and Eat Cake Too

  Ummm, I started this draft when I was on my period and craving cake, and I saw these vulva cupcakes and WOAH. Yes. Yum. Please (via MetroUK).   This week (yesterday!) was International Women’s Day, which I have complicated feelings about now? the future isnt female. the future is[…]


  Oh, hello, there! Tonight is OPENING NIGHT for The Bloody Deed of 1857! I am all kinds of nervous, and I’ve been buzzing about all week long. Which mostly means hanging around on street corners in the East Village, talking aloud to myself about murders that took place in the nineteenth[…]

GOOD NEWS! Now Serving Three Looks In One, and SUNDAY BRUNCH!!!

  This week was MADNESS for me over here! I worked a full day Saturday at the studio, then had rehearsal all day Sunday. Monday was a big day for running errands, then a late rehearsal. I “performed” my part of the show for the rest of the cast on[…]

GOOD NEWS! Put The Bass In Your Walk

  This week, a judge awarded over $6M in damages to the artists of 5 Pointz, whose work was painted over by the developers of the high-rise buildings that were being built on the spot where the famed open-air street art collection once stood. YEAAAAAHHHHHH striking one against THE MAN![…]

GOOD NEWS! Showgirls Come In Threes

  HEY EVERYBODY. I have been curating this stuff since Saturday for ya. SATURDAY! And I’m not really sticking to the “Good News” motto of this piece. More like… “Here are things I found on the internet that I want to bookmark and/or make YOU aware of.” Which is like…[…]

GOOD NEWS! It’s Ordinary Time

  I’m so happy that I’m doing this again! This guitar pick is a story.I was back at Trader Joe’s, the same place where I was gifted delicious cookies! It’s also where I shop for groceries every week, so, don’t act too surprised that I was there. I was in line down[…]

GOOD NEWS! Good News is BACK!

Last week, I rounded up (proper past-tense?) a buncha stuff that was inspiring to me, getting me through the loneliness and the winter doldrums. And then I was like, “Why not continue to do that?” You know, I was doing that every Friday since 2016, right? Too lazy to research[…]

LOST: my inspiration. FOUND: this stuff…

  So I just told you in my boat post that I’ve been struggling with finding “inspiration.” That’s pretty harsh, but it’s true. I’ve been actively searching for, but (largely) failing to find, things that excite me. Apologies in advance for sounding like a total jerk, but I’ve been going through a big period[…]

GOOD NEWS! Mermaids DO Exist!

  Can you believe that’s the week, done and dusted? I’m finally starting to feel better from this cold and then WHAM!, I get this massive (painful!) zit on my upper lip under my nose. It’s the WORST. I have a derm appointment on Monday of next week, right after[…]

GOOD NEWS! Life Is Back To Abnormal!

This was taken at DragCon last weekend (or the weekend before that? Gosh, time is flying) which is why there’s a pink carpet behind me. Duh!   So like I said, this week is flying by! I’ve been helping out at the studio, despite catching a milder version of my[…]

GOOD NEWS! The Internet is Still Funny

Can you believe it’s only been like ONE WEEK since I got back from Burning Man???? I can’t! so much happened in the past week – I said goodbye to my therapist (I’m continuing therapy, don’t worry, but it’s still sad!), I puppersat for two doggies, I went to DRAG[…]

GOOD NEWS! Burning Man is nigh!!!

You guys, I am literally in Reno right now. Yesterday my bf and I ran ALMOST ALL of our errands, and today we have a relaxed fun day planned of vintage shopping, In & Out, and Wal-Mart. I’m also hoping for a manicure but I won’t press my luck. I[…]

GOOD NEWS! You Live, and You Learn

  I have been hustling my bustle this week to get packed & ready for Burning Man. Making lists, checking them twice, scrubbing zippers with vinegar! What you see up there is my completely packed suitcase: camelback up top, stuff sacs on the left, sequins on the right. Yep, basically[…]

GOOD NEWS! And Rain Will Make The Flowers Grow

  Hello, Friday! Our current weather is this: golden sunshine, POURING rain, and rumbles of thunder. That’s…pretty much a great metaphor for how my week has been: tempestuous but hopeful. Painful, but cleansing? No personal details, but all you need to know is I’m ok. The weather is pretty alarming,[…]