About Me



Hi!  My name is Meghan Sara – Meghan with an “H”, Sara without.  I hate cantaloupe, clean when I’m stressed and can’t talk on the phone without pacingI’m a feminist, atheist, humanist, sentimentalist.  And my clothes rarely match.

I write because I love words.  Specifically adjectives.  I was never called “pretty,” and fall short even of the second-place “nice personality” compliment.  What did I get?  “You have such a great vocabulary!”  Well, let me work it.


New York City is my home, and my dream come true!  I moved to the Big Apple in September 2008, because I watched West Side Story at my dad’s behest back in 1997.  1997!  Be careful what you wish for…


“So, what do you do?” 
Well, I actually give ghost tours for Ghosts, Murders, and Mayhem Walking Tours.  Yes.  I tell ghost stories for a living.  I’ve got a decent Yelp rep from it!

Have you read my WHOLE BLOG and still, you hunger for more of moi? Perhaps you’d like to read my other works from around the Internet:

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 My Twitter is, if I do say so myself, pretty hilarious.  I’ve also been known to post a picture or two on Instagram, and you can follow me as I figure out Snapchat at username= meghansara.  Or you can email me at meghansarakarre@gmail.com!  Enjoy!




“Do not take life too seriously — you will never get out of it alive!”

 — Elbert Hubbard, my dad, & the tattoo on my left arm