GOOD NEWS! You Don’t NEED Any Help!

This week had been a total blur! Like, I’ve been at the studio since Tuesday, and I basically come home, have a glass of rosé, and fall asleep in an awkward position on the couch. Managed to give myself big blisters on my hand, which is awesome, and I carried a giant foam roll around SoHo! It’s always something new, and I love it.

Speaking of things I LOVE, I’ve been getting giant painful pimples lately… I don’t love THOSE! But after two big, achy spots, I found a store near my subway stop that sells Mario Badescu drying lotion (don’t tell my foxy dermatologist!) and GUESS WHAT IT WORKS. After the first night’s application, my cheek stopped throbbing in pain (nice) and after the second night, it’s all dried up! I’m SO HAPPY I found something that works in an emergency! It wasn’t cheap, but when you can’t talk because your face hurts from a giant achy zit (ugh, my life), it’s worth it just to not be in pain anymore.


Also, I may have bought myself a few things just because… I saw a picture of a sheer dress on Pinterest and I went to Amazon to find one… Y’know what’s funny? Apparently, the genre of “sheer maxi dress” is very popular for maternity photo shoots, which I never knew about? I found one that I’m so excited about, I might wear it around town just for fun… and I bought some ComfyEarrings to wear during the burn and while sleeping! They have round backs that screw on, so I’m hoping they’ll stay put and be very comfortable to keep my newly-opened holes safe and happy during at Burning Man! I may just go earringless, though, if it’s easier. I’m all about the COMFORT out there.


Especially today, as my period started last night (this morning?) at 2am, and I’ve been in agony ever since. I have a tour tonight, but I’m basically so weak I can hardly keep my head up. I have one of those headaches that makes me nauseous (see: Christmas ’16, Easter ’17) and when I close my eyes, the room starts to spin. I’m trying to get some sleep to make up for all the crampy tossing & turning this morning, but closing my eyes makes the room spin, which makes me nauseous, which makes me run to the toilet…. okay, so today kind of sucks. Hopefully I can pull myself together before tonight! And I hope your weekend is starting off better than mine, and now, TO THE PUPPIES!

So if you loved my reminisce about my hometown, you should really follow @dogsofbinghamton! Oh, I love this account, and I love this picture! These are those hills I was talking about!


I’ve been following the MyWinterfell’s Siberian Huskies Facebook page, and it has been a source of endless joy! You know these puppers if you’ve seen the video of the husky who can’t get up the wall, well, the admin of the FB page uploads videos constantly so my feed is full of floof! Ok and here it is, one more time:


Oh no, it’s me:


This caption just cracked me up, and that’s what Fridays are for, amirite?


Oh I watched this video THREE TIMES, and the ending gets me EVERY TIME (no spoilers!)

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