GOOD NEWS! Read This, Because Reading Anything Else On The Internet Is Just Awful And I Can’t Advise It

Yes, this post is late. Very late. I had some times on St. Patrick’s Day, as evidenced by this AMAZING selfie that happened when I tried to take a picture of a dildo at the bar, and opened up forward-facing camera instead, and decided to make this face. Sharing is caring. Blessed be.

Whenever somebody tells me that “March comes in like a lion,” I hear it sung in my head like it is in the musical Carousel. Which is a terrible musical, guys! Come on!

This week’s been a bit of terrible, too. Let’s be real: after getting a taste of Spring weather, we’ve been thrown backwards into harsh winter. “Who cares?” you ask. I CARES! I have ghosts to tour outside in the weather! You’d laugh if you see how much I have to bundle up just to go outside the house! It’s not cool at all, you guys!

Moreover, this turn for the worse in weather sort of emulates the general feel of the week. The THINX scandal, the blasé reaction to Donald Trump’s taxes being released, the proposed GOP budget cuts. I’m also PMSing HARD right now, and I’ve felt like a walking storm cloud for about a week: devouring chocolate and gathering rage for the impending STORM BURST that will be my period. Whenever that comes.

Tired of all the bullshit and sadness and fear, last night I turned to my boyfriend and asked, “Do you want to escape to a futuristic utopia amongst the stars?” So we turned on Star Trek: TNG and this happened:

Yes, for real, that is actually in Season 4, episode 4. Worf schools a young human male on feminism. So even though society is crumbling down around us, at least we’ve got this moment in time.


I’ve also been watching Call the Midwife, and I have to tell you, it’s TERRIBLE, which is why I couldn’t stop watching it until I’d seen all 5 seasons on Netflix. If you’ve seen it, and want to discuss ONLY those first 5 seasons, GET IN MY COMMENTS SECTION.


Wanna talk about boobs? Of course you do. Yesterday, my third guest post for OTV Magazine went up, so I got a little something off my chest. And I do mean, LITTLE. And by that, I mean, A LOT. “My Boobs & Me: A Tragicomedy” is probably the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever confessed to on the Internet and it would mean ever so much if you could read it and share your thoughts about Girls Gone Wild. Was anyone else as fascinated as I was? I bet I’m not the only one out there.


Are you still partying? Stay warm, wear waterproof shoes (trust me on that last one) and have fun! Happy Weekend!

2 responses to “GOOD NEWS! Read This, Because Reading Anything Else On The Internet Is Just Awful And I Can’t Advise It”

  1. Omg Call the Midwife – I stopped watching after season three. It was originally a memoir written by the real Jenny, and my Grandma gave it to me to read because she was a nurse in England during the same time period, and it was really interesting! Most of the stories in the first and second series are from the book. But then the show got so unbearable – I couldn’t stop cringing, it was like I was watching a caricature of Englishness…

    • “Caricature of Englishness” is very well-said! As much as the Jenny character annoyed me (sorry! but she did) the show’s quality took a definite nosedive after she left the series. That’s not to say I wasn’t rolling my eyes and screaming “OH COME ON REALLLY” at my screen since day one, but seasons 4-5 (as far as I’ve seen on Netflix) have deeeeep problems. Characters and storylines disappear, plot lines repeat themselves, and the narrative arc just seems off – like the writers have forgotten how to build suspense and create rising action. It’s all just between-the-ankle shots of water breaking on the floor, soft polite conversation, and shockingly horrific events without context. They add characters but don’t do anything with the ones they HAVE. Trixie is so underused, and she’s fascinating. Cynthia doesn’t get to do anything fun. Don’t even get me started on their half-assed commitment to the insulting “dead lesbians” trope!

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