GOOD NEWS! You Don’t NEED Any Help!

This week had been a total blur! Like, I’ve been at the studio since Tuesday, and I basically come home, have a glass of rosé, and fall asleep in an awkward position on the couch. Managed to give myself big blisters on my hand, which is awesome, and I carried[…]

GOOD NEWS! You Really SHOULD Play With Your Food

Happy Friday, again! I’ve been off from the studio this week, and you know what that means!!! A lot of grocery shopping and laundry, haha! I touched-up my hair on Monday, and on Tuesday I spent the day with some friends from like….middle school? A loooong time ago. Therapy on[…]

Good News! YOU Think You’re Helping

  Wow it’s FRIDAY AGAIN?!? I really can’t believe it! Maybe the “holiday” messed me up into thinking it couldn’t possibly be Friday already. I put “holiday” in quotes because I’ve been working every single day since last you heard from me, except for the Fourth, which I spent having a raging[…]

GOOD NEWS! I’m “So Emotional,” Baby!

  ‘Morning! Yer looking at the mysterious side-toe bruise that appeared last week and still hasn’t fully dissipated. I have no idea how to even GET a bruise in this spot. Please don’t tell me that side-toe-bruises are an ominous sign of like, a deadly disease or something.   This[…]

Good News! We Don’t Have To “Taco”-‘Bout It

  So this week was very sad. I feel like a human blister: full of tears and ready to erupt at any moment. Trying to hold shit together is really really hard, but it’s a little easier every day. Let’s be honest, pretty much all of my energy this week[…]

Good News! We Are ALL All Stars

  Hey! How are you? Staying cool, I hope? This week has been brutal. And before we get to World News, here’s the News with me: This week started off really great. Last weekend – Saturday – I went thrifting with my boyfriend and found a couple great dresses and a HUUUUUGE[…]

Good News! We Can Peel Our OWN Oranges!

  Well hello, again! It’s another weekly roundup of GOOD NEWS. Funny pictures and happy-making news items to stuff in your eye sockets when everything else on the Internet seems hopeless and depressing.We begin, as we most often do, with a personal update. Because you love meeeeeee, that’s why you’re[…]

Good News! At Least The Tardigrades Will Survive

  Last week came in like a lion, and it’s going out like a lamb! It’s June, now. Holy crap. I completely didn’t see this month coming. #Sad? As you can see from my photo above, I went to the MoMA this week after my therapy session! This one is[…]

Good News! Doggos Make Everything Better

  Woof. It has been a rough week. Woof, indeed! I went out of town for a whirlwind trip, and now I’m back to working long hours which I love but man, it’s intense! So intense, I’ve only had a few minutes here and there to look at cute doggos! So, if[…]

GOOD NEWS! Let There Be Butt Stuff

Walked out my door on Monday morning to find that someone had etched the phrase “NO BUTT STUFF” into the sidewalk. What? Why? What does this mean?   So now I guess we have to talk about the Corgi Butt Bag:   So at the studio we’ve been listening to[…]

Good News! I Called Dog 911, And They Said It’s Not An Emergency

Dog 911 meme was started by Reverend Scott on Twitter.   What’s good, everybody? I think yellow blush is *VERY* good: View this post on Instagram @jamienelson6 – Model #idadyberg @ida_dyberg and her #yellowblush for @maybelline @refinery29 with @manthony783 #makeup @julieknailsnyc #manicure @lisajarvis_stylist #stylist #jamienelson #beautyphotography @linhhair @kateryaninc #hair #contour[…]

Good News! We Survived Another Week!

  (sexy Muscovy duck via this website, it’s in Russian, I don’t know what it’s called) We did it, everybody! This week has been hard. Starting on Sunday, when I woke up with my entire arm tingling. I went to the walk-in clinic and left with a prescription for nerve pain meds[…]

Good News: Some Things Shouldn’t Make Me Laugh (But They Do)

First of all, please go to this website and watch the video of the doggo who learned how to eat whipped cream straight from the canister. GO! And now for the obvious joke: “What breed of dog is this? Is she a “WHIP-IT?” Omg sometimes my brilliance hurts, it really hurts.[…]

Good News 4/20 Edition

Eerrrrrrrffffffff you guys. This week has been realllllly rough, in such a vague way, I can’t even explain it! You know that I spent Sunday (and a bit of Monday) throwing up and not being able to eat anything and having a terrible headache. Tuesday I tried to re-dye my[…]

Good News! I Finished My Round Of Antibiotics, Now I Can Drink Again!

Hello, I’m alive! (…-ish) So I finished my last dose of antibiotics last night! That’s a week of antibiotics! Phew!  You may recall that last week (when this picture was taken) I was pretty much dying of bronchitis and sinusitis. Well, I can breathe now! I’m still having WILD fever dreams,[…]

Good News…Same As It Ever Was….

Ok. I’m freaking out. You’re freaking out. I just remembered what day it was and here I am, in front of all this uplifting *CoNtEnT* trying to justify it.   I started doing this when I felt overwhelmed by the news. I guess keeping it up is most important when[…]

Good News! What’s Better Than One Dog?

  TWO DOGS!   Actually, a never-ending supply of dogs would be nice. View this post on Instagram Do you know where you're going to, @turnipthewonderdog? Do you like the things that life is showing you? #subwaydogs #subwaydog A post shared by SUBWOOFERS (@subwoofersnyc) on Mar 28, 2017 at 7:47am[…]

Good News! Obamacare Lives to Die Another Day! Also: PUPPIES!

Oh, HELLO! Well, this week has been a ride. Or, to be more specific, it’s been a roller coaster that climbs steadily up and up and up, higher and higher and higher, and then you puke your life out on the way down! Literally. My week had a lot of ups at[…]