GOOD NEWS! You Live, and You Learn


I have been hustling my bustle this week to get packed & ready for Burning Man. Making lists, checking them twice, scrubbing zippers with vinegar! What you see up there is my completely packed suitcase: camelback up top, stuff sacs on the left, sequins on the right. Yep, basically ready. The only thing I have left to pack are my clothes for the week before and my makeup bag, because I’m still using the makeup! I’m super dusty from digging through all this stuff and I’ve been sewing and shit, like, WOW.


This is an old one, but I still get a flutter in my hear when I see that slow tail wag, that look of THRALL on the pupper’s face while sizing up the Gumby and realizing it was real.


You know, I wasn’t expecting to burst out into Happy Tears at a diaper commercial, but then Luvs did THIS to me:

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