Good News! What’s Better Than One Dog?




Actually, a never-ending supply of dogs would be nice.

If you didn’t already follow former xoVain editor Marci Robin on Instagram, you might not be aware of her incredible dog park Boomerangs, OR that she’s started a new Instagram account devoted entirely to pictures of dogs riding the subway! Called subwoofersnyc (obviously), this account really captures what I’ve long been saying about dogs on the subway: there’s something special about them. Maybe it’s how New York dogs emulate New York humans, in that nothing really phases them even though they’re surrounded by the most bizarre environment on Earth?

I saw this cartoon on A Cup of Jo earlier this month, and it left an indelible mark upon my brain. Now that romper season is around the corner, I think about it so very, very often. Tara Booth is the phenomenal artist:


As for me, as for me…I’ve been super busy this week (obviously, hence no posts all week!) but I have some GREAT STUFF coming up. I’ve been doing tons of tours, working in the studio, and I’ve managed to catch a cold as well! Hope everyone’s staying warm and dry and well out there in the world! Have a great weekend!

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  1. You follow the best instagram accounts! Love all these pups. And that romper painting is SO TRUE TO LIFE hahaha. I can’t believe the romper trend has lasted this long! (I like to say I was an early adopter in 2009! I vividly remember seeing my 1st formal jumpsuit at the opening night gala of Shakespeare in the Park in 2008!)

    • Goodness yes, I think one of my greatest talents is finding exemplary Instagram accounts. I love how raw that romper painting is like, “look at my fancy romper!” and then next minute you’re naked on the toilet, nips out, belly rolls, completely exposed to the world.

      Anything that you have to remove straps from your shoulders to pee in is like, an adventure. I still vividly recall once having peed in overalls in a park bathroom in lower manhattan where there was a puddle of still-standing water on the floor, no hook for my purse, AND I was changing an ob tampon. To this day, whenever I feel like I’ve been handed too much to handle, I remember how I balanced my purse on my shoulder while holding my overalls out of the puddle, hovering over the seat while on tiptoes, changing my tampon and I think, “I’ve already done the impossible, this is going to be a piece of cake.”

      Is that an overshare? If that’s an overshare, I don’t know what you’d even think of the rest of this blog. Maybe that one incident deserves its own post. It was pretty epic.

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