GOOD NEWS! Rosé-Filled Glasses Edition

Hey hey!

What a rollercoaster this week has been! I got my period early — ON VALENTINE’S DAY! — and it was the most painful one I’ve had in a few cycles.

But I’m glad it came early, because it was supposed to come this weekend, and this weekend I’m flying to California! Yay! I’m so excited, I picked out the cutest airport outfit and then I was like, gosh, I just had that much fun picking out an airport outfit. I used to really hate flying, but I loooooove airports, and I don’t mind planes that much anymore…I just get a little stir-crazy on long haul flights! I’ve got a couple books to keep me occupied, so hopefully it’s not going to be too bad.

For those of us STILL HURTING from the election, there’s a children’s book that helps you explain it to kids! The Pumpkin and the Pantsuit tries to put a positive spin on the outcome of the election, and I could probably use it myself!

When the country lets you down, who can you turn to but PORN?!? Pornography site xHamster decided to reroute all their traffic from the state of Utah to sex-education sites, following the state passing an abstinence-only sex education rule. HA! I love this.


I LOLed my way through the entire @rpdrvalentine Twitter feed as soon as I found out about it.

So have a good weekend everybody! Wish me lots of rocks and cacti!


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