GOOD NEWS! We survived another week! Let’s “Stick It To The Man”!

Wow! What a week! This week was INTENSE and it all started on Sunday, with the #NoBanNoWall march in NYC. On Monday, I went to a Rise & Resist meeting which was very educational! On Tuesday, I needed an outlet for my rage so I danced it out at No Lights, No Lycra. Wednesday morning, I woke up and remembered that my boyfriend and I had tickets to School of Rock that night! It was SO GOOD! Thursday was a catch-up “finish day” for a lot of things and today is the day we look back and recognize the great things about the week!


First fun Internet thing is that my tampon review from the last issue of BUST Magazine has been posted online! I’m so thrilled about it! Go read it! These tamps are the best, and you can take it on authority from me, because I would never lie to you about the things I put inside my vagina.


This website called “What The Fuck Happened Today?” has been helping me to feel informed without feeling overwhelmed.


They say that real change happens on the local level, so if you live in New York City and you feel like your daily calls to Congress aren’t doing anything, I have good news for you! You have the chance to call your Assemblyperson and shout at them to go through with the NYC Carryout Bag Fee! There is literally no reason not to support this law as it will reduce icky wet plastic bags being everywhere and it’s not punitive to people who can’t afford it (read the fine print — WIC and SNAP users won’t be charged the fee). Plastic bags dancing in the wind are beautiful for like three seconds, and then they get caught in trees and look like dirty diapers. GROSS.


I hate looking at this awful creature but this account almost makes it worth my while.

Maybe you were sleeping through the week on purpose (can’t blame you) and missed it but Beyoncé is pregnant! With twins!


Not to be outdone by Beyoncé, RuPaul posted this video the very next day announcing Season Nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race! “Oh, you’re having two babies, Bey? Say hello to all my Legendary Children!” Meet the Queens of this season on Logo’s website here!

I have a busy weekend planned with lots of socialization, so wish this introvert GOOD LUCK and I’ll see you sometime over the weekend, returning on Monday for my eagerly anticipated (I’m sure) Bachelor recap! Kissy face emoji!

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