Good News…Same As It Ever Was….

Ok. I’m freaking out. You’re freaking out. I just remembered what day it was and here I am, in front of all this uplifting *CoNtEnT* trying to justify it.


I started doing this when I felt overwhelmed by the news. I guess keeping it up is most important when it’s hard. When you’re like, “WHAT IS THE POINT?” and that’s kind of where I am now.


Specifically, I’m about to head into Manhattan to go to the walk-in clinic that takes my insurance and get this sinus/cough thing checked out. It’s been plaguing me for a week and I’ve lost my voice. I’ve also missed my period (stress? illness?) and am basically physically falling apart, on top of the whole freaking out about the world at war thing. Baby steps? Baby steps.


Time Out New York just announced that three new Trader Joe’s stores will be opening in NYC soon!

The news is terrible. Period, full stop. So, if you have to stay informed, this is how you’re gonna do it: through limericks. Enter Twitter account Limericking!


This is the future that liberals want:


And finally, this video is the greatest thing I’ve seen on the Internet all week and it absolutely made me squeaky-laugh all the way through (two viewings!!)


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