Good News! I Finished My Round Of Antibiotics, Now I Can Drink Again!

Hello, I’m alive! (…-ish)

So I finished my last dose of antibiotics last night! That’s a week of antibiotics! Phew! 

You may recall that last week (when this picture was taken) I was pretty much dying of bronchitis and sinusitis. Well, I can breathe now! I’m still having WILD fever dreams, but I’ve been too busy to stop so whatever.


Lots of fun things happening this week!

Visit my post on OTV Magazine to read about the worst thing I ever endured on public transportation and “What Makes A New Yorker…A NEW YORKER???”


? BIG NEWS BIG NEWS BIG NEWS! Check out my gluten-free restaurant roundup on BROKELYN!! OMG! ?


I learned a lot last weekend. Like, did you know that Mets mascot Mr. Met is married? He is! And did you know that Mrs. Met (she took his last name apparently) has a Twitter account? She does! And did you know that she uses it to throw shade on her husband’s questionable dance moves? SHE DOES!

So obviously, I am following her now.


In otter news (HAHAHAHAHA!) I am in love with this otter:


ok, you caught me. I do this all the time. I feel especially guilty when I’m watching YouTube on my phone balanced against the screen of the laptop while blogging (current sitch tbh)


I have loved Fritz for a long time, and this dramatic poem about his adventures made me want to go out into the world and start throwing tacos at dogs’ faces. Ok, maybe not. But it’s still really cute.


After seeing a facebook post about Mary and her dog Secret, I had to follow them on Instagram because this dog is so smart & talented!


And finally, because I can drink again and my round of antibiotics is done and I’m finally *starting* to feel better, I have to share this video.

I’ve been a fan of Threadbanger on YouTube since way long ago, when they made soft-spoken and meek craft tutorials. I’m so excited to see Rob & Corinne are still at it, and I love the new direction their channel has taken. I hate to say #CouplesGoals but um, it’s adorable. And since it’s Easter, here’s their Easter video and I gotta say it’s my new #LifeGoals to make an Easter candy alcoholic milkshake served out of a hollow chocolate Easter bunny.


Happy Easter! I hope the Easter Bunny brings you Peeps and Mini Eggs or, at the very least, you get a visit from the Beer Fairy!

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