GOOD NEWS! It’s Ordinary Time


I’m so happy that I’m doing this again!

This guitar pick is a story.I was back at Trader Joe’s, the same place where I was gifted delicious cookies! It’s also where I shop for groceries every week, so, don’t act too surprised that I was there. I was in line down the toiletries/trail mix aisle, and a crew member complimented my patches on my jacket. I asked him about the crystal he was wearing around his neck. “It’s jasper,” he told me. For “good energy, and things I can’t talk about here.” We laughed, the line moved ahead. As I was getting closer to the checkouts and the line snaked past the bread section, I saw him again. “Hey, Jasper!” I waved. He came at me with a fist outstretched, so I bumped it. But, no, that’s not what he was doing! He took my hand and pressed this purple guitar pick into my palm. “Don’t tell anybody,” he urged while walking away. Jasper, I’m sorry, I told someone. You were so kind, and random, and you made me smile. Moreover, I’m not entirely convinced that the Trader Joe’s on Sixth Avenue isn’t actually some kind of Sleep No More magical immersive theatrical experience! One with a produce section.


This week has been full of newness: I went to an Escape Room! I tried the sushi restaurant down the street from me! I’ve been doing a lot of new things at work and I’m pleased as punch with myself for being bold and taking on the challenge. Now it’s Thursday night, I’m cuddled up under the covers, watching Law & Order: SVU and burning candles and Palo Santo. I charged my crystals in the full moon last night, and I had a really excellent therapy session today. My horoscope is looking promising. I’m trying charcoal toothpaste. I’ve been so busy this week, but here are some Internet things that I thought worthy of note:


Josh and Lolly Weed announced their divorce in this fascinating, long, blog post. WOW. What a heart-wrenching, confusing, and intimate read.


River Clegg’s McSweeney’s short about scrolling until you feel something is hilarious because it’s just so damn true. I relate!


I laughed REALLY HARD over THIS:





Have an AMAZING weekend!


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