GOOD NEWS! I *FINALLY* Touched Up My Roots!!!

  So this week was a week off from the studio, and I made myself to-do lists EVERY DAY. At the top of the list was TOUCH UP MY ROOTS. They were getting to be like 2.5 inches long, and it wasn’t the BEST touch-up job (can we say, “polka[…]

GOOD NEWS! It’s Ordinary Time

  I’m so happy that I’m doing this again! This guitar pick is a story.I was back at Trader Joe’s, the same place where I was gifted delicious cookies! It’s also where I shop for groceries every week, so, don’t act too surprised that I was there. I was in line down[…]

GOOD NEWS! The Internet is Still Funny

Can you believe it’s only been like ONE WEEK since I got back from Burning Man???? I can’t! so much happened in the past week – I said goodbye to my therapist (I’m continuing therapy, don’t worry, but it’s still sad!), I puppersat for two doggies, I went to DRAG[…]

GOOD NEWS! Burning Man is nigh!!!

You guys, I am literally in Reno right now. Yesterday my bf and I ran ALMOST ALL of our errands, and today we have a relaxed fun day planned of vintage shopping, In & Out, and Wal-Mart. I’m also hoping for a manicure but I won’t press my luck. I[…]

GOOD NEWS! You Live, and You Learn

  I have been hustling my bustle this week to get packed & ready for Burning Man. Making lists, checking them twice, scrubbing zippers with vinegar! What you see up there is my completely packed suitcase: camelback up top, stuff sacs on the left, sequins on the right. Yep, basically[…]

GOOD NEWS! You Don’t NEED Any Help!

This week had been a total blur! Like, I’ve been at the studio since Tuesday, and I basically come home, have a glass of rosé, and fall asleep in an awkward position on the couch. Managed to give myself big blisters on my hand, which is awesome, and I carried[…]

Good News! We Can Peel Our OWN Oranges!

  Well hello, again! It’s another weekly roundup of GOOD NEWS. Funny pictures and happy-making news items to stuff in your eye sockets when everything else on the Internet seems hopeless and depressing.We begin, as we most often do, with a personal update. Because you love meeeeeee, that’s why you’re[…]

Good News! At Least The Tardigrades Will Survive

  Last week came in like a lion, and it’s going out like a lamb! It’s June, now. Holy crap. I completely didn’t see this month coming. #Sad? As you can see from my photo above, I went to the MoMA this week after my therapy session! This one is[…]

Good News! We Survived Another Week!

  (sexy Muscovy duck via this website, it’s in Russian, I don’t know what it’s called) We did it, everybody! This week has been hard. Starting on Sunday, when I woke up with my entire arm tingling. I went to the walk-in clinic and left with a prescription for nerve pain meds[…]

Good News! I Finished My Round Of Antibiotics, Now I Can Drink Again!

Hello, I’m alive! (…-ish) So I finished my last dose of antibiotics last night! That’s a week of antibiotics! Phew!  You may recall that last week (when this picture was taken) I was pretty much dying of bronchitis and sinusitis. Well, I can breathe now! I’m still having WILD fever dreams,[…]

Good News…Same As It Ever Was….

Ok. I’m freaking out. You’re freaking out. I just remembered what day it was and here I am, in front of all this uplifting *CoNtEnT* trying to justify it.   I started doing this when I felt overwhelmed by the news. I guess keeping it up is most important when[…]

Good News! What’s Better Than One Dog?

  TWO DOGS!   Actually, a never-ending supply of dogs would be nice. View this post on Instagram A post shared by SUBWOOFERS (@subwoofersnyc) If you didn’t already follow former xoVain editor Marci Robin on Instagram, you might not be aware of her incredible dog park Boomerangs, OR that she’s[…]

GOOD NEWS! I’m finally going to get ALL THE EMOJIS this weekend!

Happy Friday, everybody! I’m especially excited for THIS WEEKEND because my boyfriend has promised to help me update my phone to the latest iOS! My phone is still on iOS 7.something, because I’m terrified of updating it. This is where my beloved pops his head in and says “THAT’S BECAUSE[…]

GOOD NEWS! I’ve been BUSY BUSY BUSY this week and it’s WONDERFUL!

Wow, I don’t even know what to write! So I’ve been working on a project at the studio (again!) since I got back from California and it’s been pretty nonstop but I love it so much. As a result, I’ve been doing precious little else besides working and commuting, so I haven’t[…]

GOOD NEWS! Rosé-Filled Glasses Edition

Hey hey! What a rollercoaster this week has been! I got my period early — ON VALENTINE’S DAY! — and it was the most painful one I’ve had in a few cycles. But I’m glad it came early, because it was supposed to come this weekend, and this weekend I’m[…]

Good News! This Week Is Over!… Good News!

Can we somehow reach the Barenaked Ladies for comment on this past week? Because I would hope they’d say something along the lines of “Wow, that’s a lot of stuff to have happen in a week.” or something.   Hi! I’m back again with some good news, and let’s kick[…]