RIP, Chevron

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of Chevron. Chevron came to prevalence in October 1950, when it graced the polo shirt of Peanuts character Charlie Brown. Chevron reached worldwide fame and legendary status at the age of 60, when suddenly, Chevron was ubiquitous on maxi dresses, curtains, and in[…]

8 Of Your Favorite Childhood Toys (And The Dark Stories Behind Them)

If the Toy Story franchise made you cry, I’m about to really make you weep — first, by reminding you of all the toys you begged your parents for, and then by ruining your fond memories of them with the tragic backstories you never knew.   1989 Polly Pocket In 1982, Chris[…]


OH my gosh y’all I have been neglecting this blog.  I think I’ve just been writing so damn much for everyone else (ha!) that I forgot to make space to write for myself.  On that note, I’m particularly proud of a couple of my pieces, and I’d love to share[…]


Finally! A picture of my new haircut!  Taken in my sunny kitchen, on a day when I wore makeup! 2002: Now That’s What I Call Music! 2016: That’s What They Call “Music” Now? — Meghan Sara Karre (@MeghanSaraK) March 2, 2016 For those times when you have more to say[…]

10 Signs You Might Be a Confused Introvert

Are you an Extrovert?  If so, LEAVE THIS PLACE.  This is not for you. Great, now we got all the Introverts?  Guys, woah, ease up!  I’m not going to hurt you!  I am one of you!  Well, most of the time.  See, I think I might be a “Confused” Introvert. […]

You Should See Me Climb Stairs

I really don’t know who first said, “If you think that’s impressive, you should see me climb stairs.”  I spent actual time Googling that quote, and I can’t seem to find its true origin, so I’ve decided that it’s a thing my dad used to say.  It sounds like a[…]

Field Guide to Female Friendships

  Women!  Who can begin to understand them?  Male philosophers, psychoanalysts and stand-up comedians have tried to comprehend and explain the way the female brain works.  If these men of science have such difficulty understanding women, what hope is there for mere women?  The resulting paradox is that many women[…]


New Yorkers are known for being three things: rich sexy cynical Okay, so two out of three ain’t bad (and FYI, I’m broke as hell).  So when this huuuuuuge snowstorm was predicted, I figured it was all hype.  I didn’t think it would really happen, and as such, I didn’t[…]

5 Best Holiday Gifts For The Man In Your Life

Sure, you could buy that special lad in your life a shiny expensive watch, but that’s so predictable.  A good gift is one they’ll use every day, that will remind him of you, and how he should never cheat with any of the way hotter girls from the gym because[…]

The Man-Hating Feminist

So I was walking home from my doctor’s appointment two weeks ago, and I wasn’t even thinking about being sexually at all times for the general public’s enjoyment of my body, when HE appeared. My knight on a white horse!  Well, it was actually a man driving a white truck,[…]

25 Pet Peeves

Oh, boy, did I unload here!  Let’s get to it:  Darling Stewie (that’s her blog name and me being jocundly affectionate) posted a list of 25 Pet Peeves as a “Doggy Bag” post!  So I drank two Frangelicos, lit some incense, and purged my 25 biggest pet peeves out into[…]

Staged Photos on Social Media

Dear Blogging Community, It has come to my attention that several members of our social media circle have been accused of staging photos.  I, for one, am shocked.  As you can see from my unstaged, unfiltered reaction photo above.  That’s real life, people!  Excuse me, I’m so rattled, I need[…]

QUIZ! What Social Media Are You?

These five simple questions will help you determine your Social Media SOULMATE!!! 1.  You meet three of your best friends for brunch!  Yay!  What do you spend the meal doing? a.  Filling everyone in on which of your friends are pregnant or engaged b.  Cracking witty observational quips about the[…]

Re-Consider These Jobs for Desperate Unemployed Go-Getters!

You’re driven!  You’re talented!  You’re a self-motivated, self-described “overachiever”!  You’re currently unemployed.  You’re still passionate about finding a job where you can put your skills to work, live your best life, create something you can be proud of and be rewarded for your attention to detail and zeal for perfection! […]

Graveyard of Dead Blogger Cliches

Hang around the blogging community long enough and you will become familiar with its clichés.  Like, remember that year we were all obsessed with chevron?  EVERYTHING had to be chevron – blog banners, blog backgrounds, EXPECIALLY blog buttons!  Why, you just weren’t a serious blogger if you sported plain horizontal[…]

Guilty Pleasure Wedding Reality Show

VO:  This week on Guilty Pleasure Wedding Show, a natural blonde in her early-mid-twenties plans the wedding of her dreams to her 5%-less-attractive-than-her-but-inexplicably-wealthy-despite-working-for-his-father fiancee.  We’ll watch as they drama unfolds while she attempts to live out a princess fantasy for some reason and he counters her at every turn by[…]

Had A Dream About You, Baby

Yeah, this post steals it’s title from a Bob Dylan song, but no, it’s not about Bob Dylan, but it is about something that makes my skin crawl. The other night I had a dream that I had a baby. Don’t worry, I’m not about to describe some horrible gory[…]


So, I posted here that a couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to perform as “background” on a pilot that was shooting in NYC!  Here’s what I learned: CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve been cast as WOMAN AT BAR in the exciting pilot production of UNTITLED PILOT TBA !!!  You’ve got a[…]

Subway Report Card

Every year, the NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign evaluate every line of the NYC Subway according to their criteria and rank it from BEST to WORST, publishing a “Subway Report Card” to help us know which lines to avoid.  How do they determine which subways are up to snuff and which can[…]

15 Minutes of Fame and Frappuccino

It’s finally happened, guys. When I started this blog over six years ago, I wanted to be a serious blogger.  With hundreds of followers, daily comments, and a community of readers following my every word and it. has. finally. happened. WOW!  This is what it feels like!  THE BIG TIME! […]