I Recommend Pinterest

I*ll admit it: my favorite hobby is scrolling.   Scrolling through my phone! Scrolling on my laptop! I am a Millennial, after all. I came of age with Social Media. I was among the first generation of teenagers who were addicted to it – of course, then we only had[…]

Rice – a – Rona

  I don*t even know how it got here, but once it arrived, there seemed to be no getting rid of it.   Last week half a bag of jasmine rice showed up in my food cupboard. And by *food cupboard* I of course am referring to the 1/2 of[…]

Wanted: Instagram Bae

  Many, many months ago, my former therapist asked me to make a list of qualities that I want in a hypothetical future partner. Many, many months ago, the list looked a lot like this: “1. some ? one ? who ? won’t ? hurt ? me ???…” But it’s been many, many months since then, and I’ve given it a lot of[…]

Vanguard of Fashion w/ my Hair in the Clouds

  It’s happened AGAIN!!!   Dear Readers, it is with utmost humility that I inform you that yours truly is Trendsetter Numero Uno, that’s right, I MAKE THE TRENDS. I was wearing overalls before they were cool. I’ve had bangs my WHOLE LIFE* so take that, Zooey Deschanel!! And now, I’ve resurrected that most unlikely of[…]

Dress For…?

  Who do you dress for?   So it’s often assumed (by men) that women dress for men. When straight men feel like they can comment on how you look or what you’re wearing, it’s just another reminder that in (Straight) Man-O-Vision, everything exists to be pleasing to them. Or, if it[…]

GOOD NEWS! I Survived Burning Man… AGAIN! But For Real, This Time

  I’m Baaaaaaaaa-aaaack! And only the *teensiest* bit jetlagged. Okay, so maybe my eyes are watering and I’m falling asleep sitting up at 6:30pm, because I (as I type this) just flew in on a redeye flight, and boy are my eyes red! That’s the way the joke goes, right?[…]

I Feel Pretty, Or Maybe Not

  After cooking dinner for my grandma and sipping on rosé, we (my mother, my grandma, and I) rushed from the table to meet my aunt, uncle, and cousins at our favorite mini golf spot. I pulled my hair into a ponytail and slathered on some pink lipgloss and  […]

I Was Wrong About QALO Rings, And I Can Say So

I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong, but only when I’ve convinced me that I’m wrong.   So when I first heard about these QALO rings, I did a spit-take. This commercial ran as one of my ads on Hulu and my gut reaction to it was, well, not very generous of my spirit. “What[…]

Good News 4/20 Edition

Eerrrrrrrffffffff you guys. This week has been realllllly rough, in such a vague way, I can’t even explain it! You know that I spent Sunday (and a bit of Monday) throwing up and not being able to eat anything and having a terrible headache. Tuesday I tried to re-dye my[…]

My (One) One-Night Stand

I think one of the most amazing things about a NEW YEAR is the temptation to revisit and reflect on our pasts. As much as I still believe Time is a construct, like “virginity” and “breakfast” (feel free to quote me), I’ve done some re-reading of my own blog. It’s part nostalgia[…]

#GreySweatpantsChallenge Showed Me That I *Can* Still Feel Joy

So I realized that, like, this whole month of posts has been angry and sad. Like, alternating: angry, sad, angry, sad. Sometimes you’d get angry, with a bonus of sad! Upon self- and blog-reflection, I became worried. Worried that I’d become a jaded, angry person who would never find the[…]

Why Blog Today?

Well, what the fuck do we do now? We do the best we can. Only harder. This isn’t me “returning to life as usual,” this is me refusing to be robbed of every last shred of my humanity. Oh, to be fucking sure, I have lost a lot in this election. My faith[…]

Greetings from Burning Man, Sort Of

  Hello, Internet Friends! As you read this, I’m in Reno, Nevada, preparing for my second Burning Man! Now, I want to apologize for my blog. I recently moved from Blogger to WordPress and then all of a sudden, everything went kerflooey! I can’t upload images. So, rather than schedule[…]

Brought To You By…

You guys, I miss blogs.  Like, I really miss blogs. You know that awful Twitter chat question: “What made you start blogging teehee lol?”  BLOGS.  Blogs made me start blogging.  Blogs opened my eyes to something human beyond myself, something real and sympathetic and extraordinary in the everyday banal realities[…]

Things Guys Do On The Subway That We HATE

Playing Shitty Music Out Loud — look at everybody else’s ears.  What do you see?  Those are called “headphones.”  People wear them in public.  If you’re wearing headphones and I can still hear your music, then you need to re-evaluate your life.  Seriously. Spitting — yo are you brushing your[…]

Dressing For The Weather: New York City Edition

Summer:  “Which of my pretty pretty dresses should I wear today?” *five minutes later*  “Ok, I’m ready!” Fall:  “I can pull off this sundress!  I’ll just put a sweater over it.  And some jeans under it.  And a down coat.  I’m still tan from summer, so you can hardly tell[…]

I’m Breaking Up With The C-Word: “CRAZY”

I won’t even say “crazy” to my therapist.  Not just because it’s an ableist slur (we’ll get to that) but because I know she’s going to ask me “What do you mean by that?”  She knows that word is bullshit.  And now you will too. When someone describes something as[…]

Quickies! vol. 2

Too long to tweet, too short for a full blog post, it’s Quickies! Happy Day of everybody watching Trump & waiting for him to peel off his ugly face & reveal that he was Joaquin Phoenix all along #AprilFools — Meghan Sara Karre (@MeghanSaraK) April 1, 2016 How to write[…]

The Seven Worst Moments In The Life of a New Yorker

Category is: Law & Order intro realness. Yes, they’ve all happened: 1.  The pounding bass line that’s keeping you from sleeping on a weeknight has gotten so irritating that you venture, bleary-eyed and pajama-clad, into the brightly lit hallway of your apartment building only to discover that the offending apartment,[…]