Staged Photos on Social Media

Dear Blogging Community,

It has come to my attention that several members of our social media circle have been accused of staging photos.  I, for one, am shocked.  As you can see from my unstaged, unfiltered reaction photo above.  That’s real life, people!  Excuse me, I’m so rattled, I need to go for a walk before I can even deal with this:

Phew!  That’s better.

That certain bloggers would stoop to the unconscionable level of applying filters to their photos, cropping out undesirable portions, taking a shower, even smiling, all just for a photograph!  Honestly, I didn’t even consider staging photos as an option.

When you look at my Instagrams, you only see my real, honest self, being humble and normal and totally boring, as nature and Instagram intended.  You see, I hang out in front of ordinary walls, just like regular folk!

I’m not out desperately seeking attention by buying coffee cups at trendy and popular coffee shops just to take a photo to share for the attention.  I drink my coffee at home, in a humble Mason jar, in the foreground of a seasonal decorative gourd, just like common people do!

My life isn’t glamorous at all, as you can plainly see!  Most days involve running monotonous errands, such as grocery shopping and laundry:

And when I do have the time to enjoy myself, I’m not chasing down celebrities in the club like some attention-craving fame-monger.  No, I’m far more likely to be curled up at home, with a book, in totally understated and ordinary fashion, definitely not staging any photos:

So if you’re like me, a totally normal human being who just to happens to have an Instagram account, and you’re sick to death of all these fakers posing for pictures and smiling like the Miley Cyrus Kendall Jenner wannabes they are, follow my Instagram account for raw, unadulterated and definitely never staged photos. 

Because I’m one of you…common people.


4 responses to “Staged Photos on Social Media”

  1. hahah…I laughed at this post. Found you from Pyreflies blog 🙂

  2. Thank you so much! I always aim for laffs!! Thanks for hopping by and leaving a lovely comment!!!

  3. hahahaahhahahaha! YES!!!! I always lay on a bed full of books, if I happen to be caught unaware there by a photo then so be it!

    1. I know like what's so bad about staging photos as long as it makes you happy and you're not (like Essena) starving yourself or making other people miserable photographing you? Like I believe every beauty blogger keeps her lipstick open on a white fur rug just all the time. Please.

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