QUIZ! What Social Media Are You?

These five simple questions will help you determine your Social Media SOULMATE!!!

1.  You meet three of your best friends for brunch!  Yay!  What do you spend the meal doing?

a.  Filling everyone in on which of your friends are pregnant or engaged

b.  Cracking witty observational quips about the specials with the waitress – so she knows you’re a clever one.

c.  Taking pictures of your food, your cocktails, and your shoes.

d.  You MADE this brunch, so you’re hopping up to refill cocktails and serve dishes hot out of the oven.

2. Had a bad day?  What are ya gonna do about it?

a.  Tell everyone you know in graphic detail without taking a breath EXACTLY what happened and why it’s terrible.

b.  WTF.  FML.  #overit

c.  pour yourself a glass of wine, curl up under a blanket near the DVD case for a Disney movie and a scented candle – then take a picture of it all.

d.  Stretch and do yoga in front of a sunset, breathe deep and remind yourself “this too shall pass.”

3.  You couldn’t go a day without…

a. wishing “Happy Birthday!” to people you met years ago…err…maybe in college?  I don’t recognize the last name.  Who does that baby look like?

b.  knowing what’s “trending,” having an opinion on it, and telling EVERY1

c.  a Starbucks!  Cup!  With your name on it!  To photograph!

d.  your hot glue gun.

4. How do you stay organized?

a.  what is this “organized” you speak of?

b.  Keepin’ it simple is your motto!  Go get rid of more shit, KonMari!

c.  everything is in the same colour palette – that’s what you meant, right?  Pastels?

d.  Labelled bins – LOTS of ’em.

5.  Last Question!  Which Disney Princess are you the most like?

a. Cinderella: all her woodland friends liked her, even if she didn’t always agree with her evil stepmother.  Share if you agree!

b.  Belle:  she was so literary and clever and smart and she would look great in glasses, like me.

c.  Ariel:  she didn’t have to say anything, a picture is worth 1,000 likes I MEAN words! 😉

d. Pocahontas:  she thrives in nature, is inspired by all the colours of the wind, is self-reliant, stands up for what she believes in, SHE’S EVERYTHING


If you answered mostly A’s, You’re Facebook! 
You are probably really stoked to get Facebook as your answer because you’re actually way too old to know anything about the other forms of social media listed below.  You’re aware of “the Twitter,” but think it’s too complicated and that Instagram is for the “young people” to send dirty pictures back and forth with.  The tragedy is that you’d probably really like Pinterest, because all you do with your Facebook account is repost memes of minions complaining about Mondays and proclaiming their love for family members, but “who has time for that?”  Stick to Facebook, Great Aunt Mildred! 

If you answered mostly B’s, You’re Twitter! 
You’re hip, you’re sassy, you’re…already over your character limit.  Try to squeeze your genius into a tinier box next time and remember: nobody likes a subtweeter.

If you answered mostly C’s, You’re Instagram! 
You may not have it all together, but at least it looks like you do!  Go ahead and adjust that filter, we won’t tell.  For those about to abuse hashtags, we salute you! #instagood #instalife #instahashtag

If you answered mostly D’s, You’re Pinterest! 
Keep dreaming, dreamer!  Someday you’ll hack that Ikea furniture, throw that Mad Men-inspired dinner party, and turn that stockpile of old toilet paper rolls into art.  But until then, look at this stock photo of a sunset and remember to Breathe!

What result did you get?  Were you surprised?  Does everything suddenly make so much more sense now?  Share your results in the comments!!


3 responses to “QUIZ! What Social Media Are You?”

  1. I got Facebook, but I'm sticking with Twitter and Tumblr!

    1. I'm so old, I don't understand Tumblr enough to write about it. Why it got no "e"?

  2. Snapchat. I screenshotted this for evidence.

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