15 Minutes of Fame and Frappuccino

It’s finally happened, guys.

When I started this blog over six years ago, I wanted to be a serious blogger.  With hundreds of followers, daily comments, and a community of readers following my every word and it. has. finally. happened.

WOW!  This is what it feels like!  THE BIG TIME!  I never dreamed of getting this kind of recognition for my work!

As I watched the likes and the comments pour in, I should have been happy.  But I wasn’t.  Like Charlie Brown at Christmastime, something wasn’t right.  I was angry that I work so hard on my blog, on what I have to say, to be reduced in fame to a pair of shoes and a frozen blended beverage.  This is why Britney shaved her head, Michael got all those nose jobs, and Miley thought she could twerk:

Then I remembered a little story about a man made famous in spite of himself.  Some of you may be old enough to be familiar with a rock and roll band known as Huey Lewis and the News.  But you MAY NOT know that Mr. Lewis never wanted to be a rock and roll star! That’s right – he wanted to be a jazz musician.  Huey recorded some of the biggest rock and roll hits of the 80’s despite being, at heart, a jazz man all along.

Weeks later, the frappuccino-frenzy has cooled down.  I’m back to being who I was all along:  a nobody.  Like Huey Lewis post- The News, I’m still doing what I love, only nobody’s paying attention.  But “If This Is It,” I’m still content.  Heck, wasn’t it Mr. Lewis who once asserted it’s “Hip to Be A Square”?  I’ve got my passion, my blog, and the “Power of Love” of blogging to keep me going!  Even if I get NO likes, NO comments, NO followers, NO readers…  my heart (of Rock ‘n’ Roll) is still beating…


6 responses to “15 Minutes of Fame and Frappuccino”

  1. Love your Huey Lewis references! Love your blog…every day! Love you!

    1. Thank you so much for being a return reader!!!

  2. aw thats awesome! As a fellow blogger i totally get what u mean about the excitement from that. lol enjoy your fame 🙂 Love your blog!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

    1. I hope we all get a frappuccino moment in this crazy world of the blogosphere!

  3. Love the Huey Lewis references. Please don't go all Patrick Bateman on us now.

    1. Good reference, right back at ya!

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