15 Minutes of Fame and Frappuccino

It’s finally happened, guys.

When I started this blog over six years ago, I wanted to be a serious blogger.  With hundreds of followers, daily comments, and a community of readers following my every word and it. has. finally. happened.

WOW!  This is what it feels like!  THE BIG TIME!  I never dreamed of getting this kind of recognition for my work!

As I watched the likes and the comments pour in, I should have been happy.  But I wasn’t.  Like Charlie Brown at Christmastime, something wasn’t right.  I was angry that I work so hard on my blog, on what I have to say, to be reduced in fame to a pair of shoes and a frozen blended beverage.  This is why Britney shaved her head, Michael got all those nose jobs, and Miley thought she could twerk:

Then I remembered a little story about a man made famous in spite of himself.  Some of you may be old enough to be familiar with a rock and roll band known as Huey Lewis and the News.  But you MAY NOT know that Mr. Lewis never wanted to be a rock and roll star! That’s right – he wanted to be a jazz musician.  Huey recorded some of the biggest rock and roll hits of the 80’s despite being, at heart, a jazz man all along.

Weeks later, the frappuccino-frenzy has cooled down.  I’m back to being who I was all along:  a nobody.  Like Huey Lewis post- The News, I’m still doing what I love, only nobody’s paying attention.  But “If This Is It,” I’m still content.  Heck, wasn’t it Mr. Lewis who once asserted it’s “Hip to Be A Square”?  I’ve got my passion, my blog, and the “Power of Love” of blogging to keep me going!  Even if I get NO likes, NO comments, NO followers, NO readers…  my heart (of Rock ‘n’ Roll) is still beating…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7JVlpm0eRs]

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