Finally! A picture of my new haircut!  Taken in my sunny kitchen, on a day when I wore makeup!

For those times when you have more to say than will fit in a tweet, but not enough for a full blog post, Let There Be Quickies:

Selfie Sticks make me sad.  When I see a group of people using a selfie stick in public, I’m a little insulted, like, “You didn’t even THINK to ASK me to a take a group photo of you?  Don’t you trust me?”

The Photo Paradox:  When you’re doing something fun you want to remember, you’re too busy to remember to take photos.  But when you’re waiting for your boyfriend to come back from the bathroom at brunch, which is not a moment you wish to treasure forever, you take photos of your food, the restaurant, yourself…?

Freshman, Sophmore, Junior Year:  Dress code is SHOULDERS COMPLETELY COVERED!  Spaghetti straps forbidden!  Off-the-shoulder shirts merit detention!

Senior Year: 
Time for yearbook photos!  Take your tops off and put on this black sheet that looks like you’re naked from the shoulders up!  Shoulders MUST BE BARED or you won’t get your photo in the yearbook! 

Teenage dolls come with fun accessories like cell phones, backpacks, and hairbrushes.  30-something dolls probably come with depressing accessories like prescription psoriasis cream, melatonin supplements for sleep, TUMs and insoles.

11 responses to “Quickies!”

    • And you can kick people out when you're cooking or squeeze in close when you're cooking with your hun.
      Or let's be real- when you or hun is cooking and the other comes in to grab a drink before running in terror from the rage monster with the fire, knives and rice pasta.

    • Ha ha…Culture shock! I actually think we have a MASSIVE kitchen! Every NY home I've lived in, the kitchen has been a narrow hallway with all the appliances and cupboards on one side and a blank useless wall on the other – impossible to co-cook in! Our Brooklyn kitchen is a SQUARE! With WINDOWS! there's a big round table in the center and a MANTLE… I should do a home tour (but that means I'd need to clean so maybe not) and we cook and dance in it AT THE SAME TIME!!! Now the BATHROOM is another matter, but you get used to it after you burn your bum on the heatpipe getting out of the bathonce or twice…

    • Ok that is a big, NY kitchen. Now that I look again, I see the chair, so- the table. Is In The Kitchen. Like the call is coming from Inside The House.
      All I saw the first time I looked was the shelves and stove and fabulous eyes.
      We can't even put a table in the kitchen I have now. In Bumble.

  1. *whistles* Looking good! And I hope someone edits you into L&O. I feel like that's a life goal for many of us. LOL

    • I know! I mean is it hard? I've supplied an image of me looking gravely serious in front of a government building in Downtown Manhattan, I've done *most* of the work already for you!!! And THANK YOU! I got a haircut like a week ago? Two weeks ago? And I've felt this burden of having to update my profile pictures to my new shorter hair for that entire time. It's just a matter of getting all gussied up and taking a decent photo of myself.

  2. love that, especially the selfie stick, I'm amazed people are buying them. fyi i see you are twitterfabulous we are trying to get a viral share on tuesday posting with #tribetuesday if your interested

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