I Can Be Your Hero, Baby

In 2016, I applied for literally every job under the sun. I only got one of those jobs, but that’s because THIS job hadn’t been made available yet. And speaking of “under the sun,” it involves outer space.   NASA is hiring a Planetary Protection Officer. Someone to protect the world from[…]


  Christmas was ruuuuuuuuuined.   When I was very young, it was the tradition to go to Christmas Eve mass and pick up a sheet pizza from Nirchi’s on the way home. Then, one year, we got a deep fryer…and discovered the joy of tempura. It was decided that this year,[…]

Where Have All The (Gay) (Space) Cowboys Gone?

I wanna do an experiment. Raise your hands if you love science fiction and identify as LGBTQ+ OH DAMN that’s a lot of hands!  Put ’em down, you’re makin me slap-nervous.  Okay, hands down, we can all agree that LGBTQ+ people exist, and that we definitely enjoy all manner of[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Apocalypse NO

The apocalypse is no fun, people.  Shit goes down, you gotta have a seriously good crew.  This week, we have the opportunity to assemble our apocalypse-proof posse to help us through these trying times. 1.  Buffy Summers  has survived how many apocalypses now?  She’s basically a pro at this.  I[…]

5 Fandom Friday: You Said It

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday is inspired by la langue de geek, it’s those geeky phrases by which we all identify each other and converse by droppin catchphrases yo! 1.  “It’s in the frackin’ ship!”  oh man, this more than probably any is my favourite to whip out during parties. […]

5 Fandom Friday: Con Swag

Speaking of Con Loot, everyone’s pictures of SDCC looked so fun and yes, I fell for the internet prank of the Firefly cast reuniting.  Quick subject change!  Showing off some of the cool swag I’ve bought myself at NYCC: 1.  Dalek shirt  which is so soft and comfortable and lovely!!! […]

5 Fandom Friday: FBFF’s

Like, if these people actually existed, we’d totally be best friends in real life because how could we not? 1. & 2.  Willow & Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer  are the coolest people in the whole of the world forever and ever amen.  If you don’t get along with[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Resolutions

I’m not like, 100% sure what a “fandom resolution” is yet, so I may be wayyy off base here in my list, but I’m also really excited to see how everyone else interpreted the prompt!  On with the Five! 1.  Watch more Classic Doctor Who (2, 3, and 5)  because[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Friendsgiving

1.  Hagrid  seems like he knows how to bring the party, huh?  I imagine he wouldn’t be the easiest party guest to have (possibly breaking chairs and all) but I don’t stand on formality. 2.  Ralph Dibney  might otherwise spend the holiday alone, what with the whole…Identity Crisis incidents and[…]

Sunday at NYCC

Sunday was my longest day so far at New York Comic Con, with the least photos to show for it!  I decided to try to throw together a last-minute costume and felt really cute doing this twee, hipster, gender-bent Fourth Doctor!  Saw the talking K-9 and couldn’t resist.  We made[…]

Saturday at NYCC 2014

So on Saturday at NYCC 2014 my friend dressed up as Ragdoll from Secret Six.  I spent a good part of the day taking photographs of his awesome cosplay and of getting his mask signed by Gail Simone – who confirmed NEW SECRET SIX STARTING IN DECEMBER!  At least we[…]

Friday at NYCC 2014

Friday morning I was all set to get to NYCC2014 bright and early when disaster struck! A water main broke on my subway line – where’s Aquaman when you actually NEED him? – and I wound up missing the only panel I really wanted to see that day.  It took[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Nerdrobe Must-Haves

Welcome back to the second thrilling installment of 5 Fandom Friday with The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick!  This week, we’re talking about clothes.  Nerdy clothes!  Frak yes!  My nerdrobe (that’s a portmanteau of “nerd” and “wardrobe”, guh!) is pretty full to begin with but could always cast a spell to[…]

#tbt Last Year’s ComicCon

TOMORROW IS NYCC NEW YORK COMIC CON! I hope everyone’s cosplay is finished, have gotten their flu shots, have bought enough granola bars to stuff into their bags, and have slid insoles into their Storm Trooper boots.  I am so excited to drool on Artist’s Alley, to finger all the[…]

Epic Rap Battles of History

Mad rhymes for your Tuesday morning.  Epic Rap Battles of History pits famous historical and cultural figures against one another.  What do you think? 1.  Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader I think Darth Vader totally won this one!  What do you think? 2.  Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates Bill Gates,[…]

Currently… in December 2013

#fmsphotoaday prompt was “red.”  Observe my red sicky face. FEELING:  a little sour on Christmas, actually.  My store has been playing Christmas music since before Thanksgiving,which I am not okay with.  If I hear ANY version of “All I Want For Christmas is You,” I may be physically I’ll or[…]

Day of the Doctor

So, did all my Whovians watch “Day I the Doctor” yet?  Because I literally devoted an entire day to the viewing of the 50th Anniversary special and sundry other associated programs. First, the pilot, of course:  which originally aired fifty years ago on November 23rd, 1963:  “An Unearthly Child.”  Followed[…]

Comic Con 2013

On Friday, I cased the joint and made myself familiar with all the booths and artists present.  On Saturday, I was dressed somewhat in costume – wearing my replica of the 4th Doctor’s scarf from Doctor Who and regular street clothes.  This resulted in getting hit on A LOT.  I[…]

Currently…in October 2013

Feeling:  DRAINED.  I’ve been working 20-day stretches in a row with no day off.  It’s the busiest time of the year for ghost tours, and after that, it becomes the busiest time of the year for candy store. Watching:  Classic Doctor Who.  Still.  Tom Baker’s clownish sweetness is addictive! Reading: […]

Doctor Who / Tom Baker Scarf !!!

Yes, remember a few weeks ago when I started earnestly tackling the most daunting nerd project of all – the infamous Tom Baker scarf?  Ten feet long, it is now FINISHED!  Proving that you never know what you can accomplish until you start! I used this pattern, found on Pinterest,[…]