5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Friendsgiving

1.  Hagrid  seems like he knows how to bring the party, huh?  I imagine he wouldn’t be the easiest party guest to have (possibly breaking chairs and all) but I don’t stand on formality.

2.  Ralph Dibney  might otherwise spend the holiday alone, what with the whole…Identity Crisis incidents and all.  If your heart doesn’t break for Ralph and Sue, then you didn’t have one to begin with.  I’d sit him close by and make sure he was involved in the conversation, and force him to take the leftovers home.  Poor Ralph.

3.  Jubal Harshaw  I won’t come running when he yells “FRONT!” but I’d love to have his wit and humor at my table.  He can bring the secretaries, too, if he wants!

4.  Donna Noble  and I would totally whoop it up.  Even if we couldn’t talk about the whole travelling-through-time-and-space-saving-the-world thing.  Take that off the table, I feel like she’s still a funny lady and I’d like to have her around.

5.  Peter Merkel, Jr.  is a thief, so I’d hide the valuables first.  But this bendy little castrati is SO CUTE and jovial that as long as he leaves the monkeys at home, he’s welcome at my table!

I’m probably more than likely biased, but I think I have a great party assembled here! 

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