Comic Con 2013

On Friday, I cased the joint and made myself familiar with all the booths and artists present.  On Saturday, I was dressed somewhat in costume – wearing my replica of the 4th Doctor’s scarf from Doctor Who and regular street clothes.  This resulted in getting hit on A LOT.  I was surprised how many people recognized the scarf!

Yes, my knitting skillz brought lots of boys to the yard.  It was also fun to be in semi-costume.  Not too overwhelming, like people taking pictures of me left and right, but sweet and complimentary!

I was pretty chicken when it came to taking pictures of/with people, but some I couldn’t resist. 
Like this guy, dressed as the Phantom of the Opera!

And this guy, who was – I swear to god – a sharknado.

There were Lego Daleks.  LEGO.  DALEKS.  I swoon. 

And speaking of Daleks…

I saw this shirt, fell in love, and bought it on the spot!
(In fact, I was miserable on Monday, but wore it to work and it made me feel a tiny bit better about all the fun being over and done with for a whole year.  Look at their tiny bodies!  They only have TWO BUBBLES!)

I couldn’t resist the Blind Box 50th Anniversary Doctor Who toys, and so here I am thrilled with my tiny Sylvester McCoy.  He has a tiny unbrella!  The best!

Below, is a picture of me channeling the fightin’ spirit of Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor.

…and who should I run into on my way out the doors and down 35th Street?

Yes, true believers, it’s STAN LEE!

Much like one of his movies, my Saturday at Comic Con ended with a cameo from Stan Lee, which was adorable and appropriate.

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