5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Resolutions

I’m not like, 100% sure what a “fandom resolution” is yet, so I may be wayyy off base here in my list, but I’m also really excited to see how everyone else interpreted the prompt!  On with the Five!

1.  Watch more Classic Doctor Who (2, 3, and 5)  because I loooove me some Tom Baker, I feel like I don’t visit the other Doctors as much.  I adore Jon Pertwee, I should watch more of him!  I never really gave 2 and 5 a full chance.  I always go back to 4.  This year I can change that!

2.  Accept the Joker  good gracious, I really can’t stand what’s happening with the Joker lately.  Victor Hugo wrote a love letter once that opened “The reduction of the universe to a single being, the expansion of that single being into God, this is love.”  I get what the writers are doing, yeah.  But they’re just so in love with the Joker in this way and I’m just not that into him.  It’s kind of inhibiting my ability to enjoy Batman lately and I’m not happy about it so I’ll resolve to relax and tell myself that they’re gonna kill him off soon…probably.  Pant pant, end rant.

3.  Get up to date on Sailor Moon  on Hulu NOT CRYSTAL but the real, honest, good version.  I think I can get caught up over break!

4.  Give New Who a chance  everyone’s raving about Peter Capaldi that perhaps I could deign to suffer Moffat to try his newest mess, I mean season!

5.  Read ALL the Heinlein!  It’s ridiculous to me to think that I’ve only read ONE of his top three most popular books.  I still have yet to grok The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Starship Troopers.  This is my year!

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14 responses to “5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Resolutions”

  1. I want to love Capaldi and the newest Who season so much…but I just don't. Don't get me started on Clara. Peter has so much possibility, they just are not giving him good material. I see it there…just hoping it comes out in the new season. xx

    • I'm working my way up to him by working through the last of Eleven…I haven't seen a single episode of Capaldi yet! And to be honest, nobody's giving me much hope that it will be any good.

  2. I love your resolutions!!! I can totally get behind all of them! Although, I was watching Capaldi and I actually do love him as The Doctor, but I just got so sick of Clara that I couldn't handle it…

    • I'm working my way to being caught up! I just met Clara (again) in The Snowmen, and so far she seems okay – two-dimensional but not outright ANNOYING. We'll see!

  3. I haven't watched at all this season on Doctor Who. My boyfriend loves Capaldi but I know other people who don't. I got put off by Moffat and haven't enjoyed the series. I do adore Nine and Ten so much!

    I have no clue what is going on with The Joker. Unless he has anything to do with Harley I don't follow. I should look up and see what is going on. Love your list!

    • Yeah, Russel T. Davies felt close enough to the original at the beginning that I felt I could safely say "This is Doctor Who, but updated to current times and tastes." Moffat seems to have completely shifted the tone so it's more "Sherlock with Monsters." Tell me if you agree.

      Ugh, the Joker. He cut his face off. Yeah. You'd think that would be cool, but he doesn't even do anything with it anymore, he just talks about Batman. It's like hearing your neighbors, the married couple next door, argue about how they never communicate anymore, how they feel distance, blah blah blah. Joker and Batman need marriage counseling.

  4. I feel the same as you about Joker and also about his ex girlfriend harley Quinn. The re designs are so weird I just can't accept them yet but I will try harder to this year as well.

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