5 Fandom Friday: Apocalypse NO

apocalypse is no fun, people.  Shit goes down, you gotta have a
seriously good crew.  This week, we have the opportunity to assemble our
apocalypse-proof posse to help us through these trying times.

1.  Buffy Summers 
has survived how many apocalypses now?  She’s basically a pro at this.  I would have Buffy as my very first draft pick for my apocalypse squad. 

2.  Tony Stark / Iron Man  has all the gadgets cornered.  I feel safe on his side, and if worse comes to worse, he probably has the best state-of-the-art shelter around!  And if ya gotta be trapped in a fallout shelter with someone, just sayin’, hubba hubba.

3.  Rose Tyler / Bad Wolf  can split atoms with her mind.  She’s probably the most powerful person in the universe, having looked into the heart of the TARDIS.  She cursed Jack Harkness with immortality!  Rose would never let anything bad happen to her friends, so she’s on my list for sure.

4.  Mal Reynolds  does a pretty good job of keeping his crew safe.  He doesn’t have the skills of River Tam, however, she’s also kind of a magnet for trouble.  Sorry!  It’s true. 

5.  Kara “Starbuck” Thrace
  found Earth.  She found a thing that nobody thought even existed.  Whoever – and whatever – she is/was, she saved the humans AND the Cylons and basically…EVERYTHING.  After she saves your ass, you’d better thank her quick – because she may vanish completely.  Whoopsie! 

So there’s my apocalypse crew!  I feel pretty confident with these choices.  Can’t wait to see everyone else’s!!


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