Currently… in December 2013

#fmsphotoaday prompt was “red.”  Observe my red sicky face.

FEELING:  a little sour on Christmas, actually.  My store has been playing Christmas music since before Thanksgiving,which I am not okay with.  If I hear ANY version of “All I Want For Christmas is You,” I may be physically I’ll or commit some kind of violence.  “I know I should be happy, but…” just call me Charlie Brown!  Speaking of…

WATCHING:  I waited until the day after Thanksgiving to watch A Muppet Family Christmas and the Charlie Brown Christmas special, so there.  And at the same time, Doctor Who starring Sylvester McCoy, Adam West Batman, and The Mighty Boosh for the millionth time!
READING:  Absolutely nothing.  NOTHING AT ALL!  And I don’t feel bad at all.  I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging, and I’m knitting a new little project.  Reading has taken a bit of a back seat.
THINKING ABOUT:  what constitutes an Atheist Christmas.  Can an Atheist celebrate Christmas?  Certainly yes: by opting out of the religious aspects and celebrating the Pagan traditions.  But can we also shun the commercialism?  Then what is left?  I’m trying to cobble together treasured traditions with new ones to create my own version of a holiday that has so many negative feelings surrounding it.
EATING:  I’m obsessed with trail mixes now.  I had walnuts all over my thanksgiving dinner, and they may yet rival my love of almonds!  Throw in Craisins, coconut, and yogurt-covered this-and-that, and it’s such a fun ongoing experiment!
LOOKING FORWARD TO:  Going home for Christmas.  Cat’s out of the bag now!  I’ve been feeling weirdly homesick for the ‘burbs.  I think a little trip will be just the thing to cure me of that!  I haven’t seen my family since the summer!
MAKING ME HAPPY:  The music that the neighbors play, seeing NYC all lit up for the holidays, long lazy weekends with my boyfriend, Twinning’s Chai teas, and did I mention that trail mix?!?



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