5 Fandom Friday: Nerdrobe Must-Haves

Welcome back to the second thrilling installment of 5 Fandom Friday with The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick!  This week, we’re talking about clothes.  Nerdy clothes!  Frak yes!  My nerdrobe (that’s a portmanteau of “nerd” and “wardrobe”, guh!) is pretty full to begin with but could always cast a spell to create more space for these items:

1.  I’m Not Lazy Sweatshirt  okay, maybe I am a bit lazy, but isn’t that even more appropriate to Usagi’s character?  Pass the rice buns, I was up all night fighting evil by moonlight and don’t you think I deserve some rice buns?  I’ll punish you!

2.  Wood For Your Sheep?  a Catan reference?  Seriously, who is going to get this joke?  Uh, Other Catan Nerds!  And we all know that no matter what you do, you always find yourself rolling in the sheep and in need of wood, amirite, guys, srsly, amirite?

3.  Blue Dalek dress  those who know me know I have a thing for blue daleks.  Right?  Right.  So when HerUniverse only had red, gold and white, I was like, “ennnnhhhh” but now I have no excuse.  I’ll be wearing this to every fancy occasion henceforth, thank you…

4.  Fourth Doctor over-the-knee socks  I have worn my argyle Dalek socks almost literally to death.  Then I have discovered something amazing!  ThinkGeek has a bevy of tall, Doctor Who-themed socks.  Oy. 

5.  U.N.I.T. tee  Brigadier would have a fit at all this Doctor Who paraphenalia.  Out of uniform?  Never!  U.N.I.T. tee ensures you escape the Brig’s wrath.  Even if you’re just going to fall into a crevasse.  Oh, Harry Sullivan.

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