5 Fandom Friday: Con Swag

Speaking of Con Loot, everyone’s pictures of SDCC looked so fun and yes, I fell for the internet prank of the Firefly cast reuniting.  Quick subject change!  Showing off some of the cool swag I’ve bought myself at NYCC:

1.  Dalek shirt 
which is so soft and comfortable and lovely!!!  Also hilarious because when I was teaching, I felt like I was screeching in a monotone and hated all of humanity – IRONY!

2.  Unicorns  buying unicorns at Con is a tradition for me now.  I’ve been three times.  I have three unicorns.  Do the math.

3.  K-9  was such an impulse buy because I was dressed up as the Fourth Doctor, and I was like “I need a prop!” and so there ya go.  Oh, impulse control and cons do not mix well.

4.  Pinkie Pie t-shirt  has an overly-excited Pinkie Pie.  I mean, you just can’t explain the happiness Pinkie Pie brings.  You have to experience it yourself.

5.  Doctor Who blind box minifigs – Pertwee and McCoy!  so I realize now that I get really excited by allllll the Doctor Who merch at cons and that explains more than half of this list.  Whoopsie!  No regrets.  I can’t wait to get the shelving up in the office to organize all my books stage elaborate fight sequences between these two doctors and Dalek minifigs!


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