#tbt Last Year’s ComicCon


I hope everyone’s cosplay is finished, have gotten their flu shots, have bought enough granola bars to stuff into their bags, and have slid insoles into their Storm Trooper boots.  I am so excited to drool on Artist’s Alley, to finger all the merch on the show floor, and to shiver in the back of the panels and screenings.

Speaking of which, last year, this scarf saved my life.  Not really.  But I busted my ass to finish it at 6am on Friday before Comic Con!  And on Sunday, in the very last panel of the day, I was freeeeeeezing.  So I wrapped up in it and was warm and cozy.  Cosplay saved my life!  No, not really.  But I can’t wait to see everyone’s experiences at NYCC this year!

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