Dressing For The Weather: New York City Edition

Summer:  “Which of my pretty pretty dresses should I wear today?”

*five minutes later* 

“Ok, I’m ready!”

Fall:  “I can pull off this sundress!  I’ll just put a sweater over it.  And some jeans under it.  And a down coat.  I’m still tan from summer, so you can hardly tell that my extremities are turning blue!”

Winter: “Phew!  I finally fit all of my clothes on my body at the same time, aaaaand now I’m too tired to go out.”

Spring: “The forecast calls for a high of 70 and a low of 20, so I just threw on these jeans and this t-shirt.”  

“Okay, so what’s with the suitcase?” 

“Oh that’s got a hoodie, long underwear, my winter coat, my bathing suit and a pair of shorts, you know, just in case.”


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