GOOD NEWS! I Survived Burning Man… AGAIN! But For Real, This Time


I’m Baaaaaaaaa-aaaack! And only the *teensiest* bit jetlagged. Okay, so maybe my eyes are watering and I’m falling asleep sitting up at 6:30pm, because I (as I type this) just flew in on a redeye flight, and boy are my eyes red! That’s the way the joke goes, right?

Not only am I BACK, I’m pup-sitting two Very Good Boys for the weekend and my Best Friend from college is coming into the city like ANY MINUTE NOW!
I’ll be fully immersed in Regular Life soon, but I just wanted to show you THESE:


Oh no she betta didn’t! Vanya Velour, the dog progeny of Season 9 winner Sasha Velour, is copying all of Mother’s lewks!

That’s all I got for now. I leave you with this massive cock I mounted in the desert:

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