Where’ve ya been ?!?!

Hey! Long time, no see! But seriously…

It’s September, rainy, there’s a chill in the air, it’s SPOOKY SEASON. No better time for a 🧟‍♂️ zombie story – so why not bring this old blog back from the dead, huh?

Well, let’s catch you up. First off… COVID! Huh?? HUH?!!!

No, I haven’t been locked down THIS WHOLE TIME. As a matter of fact… I moved!


And then…

I GOT MARRIED! Congrats to ME, thank you, thank you.

Then right after that, I got some scary medical news. Then, MORE scary medical news. HEY. I’m okay. For now. More on that later…

So, a fair amount has changed, but you know whats the same? MY APOSTROPHE KEY IS STILL BROKEN. DEAL WITH IT. I *AM*.

Oh, and I started uploading weekly vlogs to YouTube – find me over there while I struggle to figure out how to use the *new* WordPress format (and why I am no longer allowed to insert photos into posts? Hmmm…)

Well, its definitely interesting to be *back* ! See ya around!

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