I Recommend Pinterest

I*ll admit it: my favorite hobby is scrolling.


Scrolling through my phone! Scrolling on my laptop! I am a Millennial, after all. I came of age with Social Media. I was among the first generation of teenagers who were addicted to it – of course, then we only had MySpace, message boards, and AOL Messenger, but still. All this to say, it*s a habit that formed early and one I see no reason to break. Why, *EVERYBODY* scrolls today! I*m a hipster!  I DID IT FIRST!


But here*s another thing. I am very anxious. For real! I*m in treatment for depression and anxiety! And these days, scrolling can just feed your anxiety. Scrolling through the news. Scrolling through Facebook. For the love of all that is holy, DO NOT OPEN TWITTER!!!


I mean, even INSTAGRAM is a scary reminder of the frightening times we live in. Can a girl have a good scroll?


And now, may I recommend Pinterest?


I downloaded Pinterest waaaay back in mid-March (remember mid-March??) and it has made ALL the difference. Pinterest is where I got the idea to order all the craft supplies that have been keeping me sane and giving me something to look forward to during these long, LONG days. When I*m not scrolling, I*m using scrap yarn to macrame plant hangers for my little succulents! Pinterest is the last social media platform that HASN*T turned into 24/7 Coronavirus Panic, and it is a BEAUTIFUL place.


So as long as we*re prevented from STROLLING, and all we can do is SCROLLING, a safe bet is Pinterest. Stay inside, stay crafty, stay safe.

the shorts I painted based off an idea I saw while SCROLLING Pinterest!


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  1. Peter Tarantelli Avatar
    Peter Tarantelli

    A masterpiece!

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