Why Blog Today?

Well, what the fuck do we do now?

We do the best we can. Only harder.

This isn’t me “returning to life as usual,” this is me refusing to be robbed of every last shred of my humanity. Oh, to be fucking sure, I have lost a lot in this election. My faith in rationality, my trust in my fellow Americans, my confidence in the future. I am 4,000% more terrified of leaving my house than I was before. I’m afraid for the safety of my friends and the well-being of my loved ones.

If I don’t blog today, then all of the egg-avatars on Twitter urging the liberal majority to “shut up and take it” WILL WIN. If we don’t love fiercely, live meaningfully, and refuse every step of the way to accept that this is who we are, Donald Trump WILL WIN. If we don’t turn our sadness to rage, and our rage to ACTION, then the racists and the fascists WILL WIN.

So I blog today because that I who I am, and I refuse to let that be taken away from me.

the day after
horror-stricken and scared the day after, but still a Nasty Woman now and forever.


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