Macy’s Charlie Brown Christmas Windows!

Charlie Brown’s face up there pretty much sums up what it’s like to live in New York City during the Christmas tourism season.  On the one hand, everything is festive and pretty from the lights on the high street shops to the carollers down in the subway.  On the other[…]

The Twelve Freakouts of Christmas, pt. 2

For the 7th Christmas Freakout My True Love Gave to Me:  The I Just Want to See the Rockefeller Tree Without Getting Trampled By Tourists Freakout “Is the entire population of New Jersey AND Connecticut here ALL at the SAME TIME?  Who’s watching Long Island?!?  Hold my damn purse, I’m[…]

My First Date with Lush

Yes, you read that right: my first.  After I shared about my struggles with acne, I took the advice of the comments and got my butt to Lush on the Upper West Side.  It was a rainy Thursday afternoon, and I was the only shopper in the store, with three[…]

New York City is FULL of Surprises!

I want to believe that New York City is like a wilderness: you can mark the trees, study your paths, and still be surprised to discover new things all the time.  Brooklyn certainly feels that way!  Yesterday, though, I discovered new areas of Manhattan that showed me there is still[…]

The Man-Hating Feminist

So I was walking home from my doctor’s appointment two weeks ago, and I wasn’t even thinking about being sexually at all times for the general public’s enjoyment of my body, when HE appeared. My knight on a white horse!  Well, it was actually a man driving a white truck,[…]

The Twelve Freakouts of Christmas, pt. 1

For the First Christmas Freakout My True Love Gave to Me:  The Window Displays Freakout “I’m still hung over from Halloween!  I’m not ready to deal with this shit!  I don’t have plans for Thanksgiving yet, and I haven’t even accomplished one of my New Year’s Resolutions!  I rebuke thee,[…]

Seven Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

I knew I’d be suffering from 5 Fandom Friday withdrawal today, and it just didn’t feel right not to post a list of things I love on a Friday.  SO!  Inspired by so many other awesome “My Favourite Instagram Accounts To Follow” posts, I thought I’d share some Insta-love for[…]

Unprotected Love

You play it safe and practice Protected Sex, but do you also practice Protected Love?  I know I do. Dating is often referred to as a “game.”  It’s easy to imagine it like a back-and-forth game of catch with your heart.  You keep putting yourself out there, hoping your partner[…]

What Are You Afraid Of???

Irrational fears:  everyone’s got ’em.  When I give ghost tours, I talk about hauntings and serial killers and people love it but heaven forbid a rat runs by, and they lose their shit!!!  Rats are just squirrels with bad haircuts!  Rats are a totally irrational fear – leave them alone,[…]

Five Clothing Items to Survive Winter in NYC

I always say, it’s summer in New York until THE SECOND it becomes winter and then it’s winter until THE SECOND it becomes summer.  When did winter happen, you ask?  Winter happened overnight on October 1st.  Which is cool!  I can appreciate you, winter, for being organized and arriving on[…]

Subway Report Card

Every year, the NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign evaluate every line of the NYC Subway according to their criteria and rank it from BEST to WORST, publishing a “Subway Report Card” to help us know which lines to avoid.  How do they determine which subways are up to snuff and which can[…]

How to Ruin Comic Con

So many helpful articles on the Internet already exist to tell you how to SURVIVE a comic convention, how to GET THE MOST OUT OF a comic convention, blah blah blah.  I was going to write that article but damn, it’s already been done did-ed already!  So instead, in the[…]

Currently… in October 2015

FEELING:  Compared to last month?  Soooo much better.  Oh, I’m going out and doing things, taking on projects, I feel more confident in my ability to move on with my life and do things.  From little things like painting the bathroom and putting up the shelves in the office, to[…]

Greenpointing II

Four months after moving to Greenpoint and the weather is perfect.  Just right to go kick some things off the Greenpoint bucket list!  You know, explore as far as possible, eat at the restaurants you  keep saying you’re going to, and drink Bloody Marys because that’s what weekends are for.[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Fall-ing for Autumn

Autumn is the time when we can get really, REALLY BASIC and declare our love of the obvious – and the less obvious – 1.  Jacket weather  layering fashion is an art form, ladies and gentlemen.  Don’t believe me?  You must live in a climate where you never get cold. […]

A Gentleman’s Guide to Street Harassment

What’s up, Ladies?  Being a woman, as statistically most of you are, you’ve been street harassed, and you probably didn’t like it.  But this is Major News to the minority 49% of the population of the world (also known as “that guy who shouted that inappropriate thing at me”), so[…]

Spitting Distance

New York!  You can live here for years, and still have no idea what’s happening.  It’s been almost seven years for me, and I can’t begin to tell you why it’s so weird. Take yesterday night in SoHo, for instance.  I was all dressed up to go to a gallery[…]

Living With Roommates vs. A SigOth

As soon as you announce that blissful decision:  “We’re moving in together!” well-meaning advice mongerers will load your ears with fears about living with a partner.   So much has been said about the drawbacks, that I want to preach the benefits! When you live with a roommate, you are[…]


My new neighbourhood is the greatest!  I’m so excited to be a Brooklyner, especially in such a quaint, adorable part of town.  Over the past weekend, I had the chance to explore and photograph just a small handful of places around town (and dine at them).  No better way to[…]

Rice to Riches

After hearing nothing but AMAZING things on the internetz about Rice to Riches in Soho, I finally had the chance to check it out last weekend!!  And it is everything you could dream of and more!Their signage boasted many flavours.  But I was still shocked to see so many flavours[…]