Seven Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

I knew I’d be suffering from 5 Fandom Friday withdrawal today, and it just didn’t feel right not to post a list of things I love on a Friday.  SO!  Inspired by so many other awesome “My Favourite Instagram Accounts To Follow” posts, I thought I’d share some Insta-love for my favourite follows!

feminist_tinder  is one of my favourite posts to laugh, cheer, and groan, and rage at.  Her account mocks the awful, sexist, racist, and otherwise ignorant tinder messages she and other (I believe she takes submissions!) women get using the dating site Tinder.

marniethedog  is so adorable – even in person YES I MET MARNIE once and her Instagram is my favourite account to follow.  She is just darling, and I believe she would make an excellent candidate for president next year.  Think about it.

ralphthecorgi  and his brother, George, were on Buzzfeed recently and it kicked off an OBSESSION with these two.  Seriously.  Give yourself an afternoon of quality time to scroll these posts, you will NOT regret it.

sadanimalfacts   doesn’t post often, but when she does, it’s hilarious.  Great drawings, interesting facts!  Hey!  You learned something today!

skookumthesamoyed   is just fluffy and amazing and has such personality.  Yes, I realize this is the third dog account I’ve mentioned, it was hard – believe me – to pick only three.  Moving on.

vinniesbrooklyn   has a branch right down the street from me!  And they make gluten free and vegan pizza!  But the real draw, let’s be honest, is their punny daily specials board.  Even if you can’t visit (sorry, PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIVE IN BROOKLYN MUAH HAH HAH), their Insta is hilarious to follow.

westvillagelife   is a Manhattan-based account that goes deep down the twisty side-roads of Greenwich Village to bring the hidden treasures of its charm to the internet.  It’s almost as good as actually visiting the West Village…almost…but darn close!

‘Fess up!  Which are your funniest, cutest, favourite Instagram accounts to follow?  What’s that?  Mine, you say?  Oh, you’re too kind!  Yes!  Everyone should follow my Instagram account!  Thank you so much!!


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  1. oops. replied to the wrong post. BUT! I follow a few cats, like @rukuthecat and @arizona_ricecakes, who keep me entertained. I also really like following The Rock — one of the few celebrity accounts I follow. There's also a few Finnish nature ones that have some amazing pictures (especially now with the leaves changing!)…

    1. I used to follow The Rock – but when one of his new puppies died, it made me really sad and that's all I could think about whenever he posted. You can kinda tell I'm a "dog person" – but I'll check out those cats!

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