Macy’s Charlie Brown Christmas Windows!

Charlie Brown’s face up there pretty much sums up what it’s like to live in New York City during the Christmas tourism season.  On the one hand, everything is festive and pretty from the lights on the high street shops to the carollers down in the subway.  On the other hand, it’s annoying as fuck trying to do your Christmas shopping, hell even get to and from work when you’re being jostled along by millions of clueless and irate tourists from all over the world.  It’s like an invasion!  Good Grief!

But just like Charlie Brown, I wasn’t going to let that get me down.  I sucked it up, headed down to Macy’s, and was determined to enjoy my town regardless of the rude and pushy hoardes.

We all know how obsessed I am with the Peanuts gang, so when I saw in November that Macy’s had Woodstock on top of their shop, I was beside myself!  I couldn’t wait for after Thanksgiving and the big window reveal and lo, it was just the cure for the Midtown blues!

I think this one was my favourite:  I literally ran over with my camera shouting “Nickels, nickels, nickels!”  I love the scene when Lucy lists all the different fears!

I was walking down from Times Square (ugh, I know) when I saw them, so I think I did it backwards when I saw this last window first.  Charlie Brown, champion of wabi-sabi, picks the saddest little tree on the lot and wants to love it and I lose all chill and start weeping!  Oh, New York City, I’m sorry I was so mean!  You just need a little love!  I hope everyone’s Christmas in their hometown is magical and full of cheer and minimal grunting tourists who yell at you for texting your brother (totally happened).  Two more sleeps!


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