How to Ruin Comic Con

So many helpful articles on the Internet already exist to tell you how to SURVIVE a comic convention, how to GET THE MOST OUT OF a comic convention, blah blah blah.  I was going to write that article but damn, it’s already been done did-ed already!  So instead, in the interest of humor, let’s take the opposite track:  Here’s not only how to NOT survive comic con (wrath of nerds!) but to completely ruin it for everyone else:

Claim to be doing field testing on superhero combat gear, and attempt to tickle cosplayers in Spandex bodysuits.

Get in bathroom lines and ask who’s signing autographs

Ask girls dressed up as Sailor Scouts if they’re on their way to cheerleading practice.

Try to ride R2D2 around when you’re tired

Confuse Star Wars and Star Trek fandoms

Argue with Batman that his only superpower is straight white cis male priviledge

There you have it!  I can pretty much guarantee if you do these things, you will be The Worst and might get chased out of Comic Con by a hoarde of angry nerds!  Good luck, have fun, and don’t forget to accidentally unplug things at random!!!


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