Currently… in October 2015

FEELING:  Compared to last month?  Soooo much better.  Oh, I’m going out and doing things, taking on projects, I feel more confident in my ability to move on with my life and do things.  From little things like painting the bathroom and putting up the shelves in the office, to just touching up my roots the other day and going to the doctor’s office!  I feel like I can do this.

  I have finally done it!  I have taken the plunge and am currently watching Star Trek!  I have resolved to boldly go along with Captain Picard and the Starfleet cast of The Next Generation for my first voyage and so far I am loving it!  It’s different than how I expected insofar as I’ve watched a lot of really early sci fi (The Twilight Zone, Doctor Who) with its clunky charms and a lot of new, slick sci fi (Firefly/Serenity, Battlestar Galactica) with its speedy plotlines and cool effects, and TNG falls in the middle of that.  I like the diverse cast, subversion of gender roles, and it’s shockingly well made, but still charming in the way that I hoped it would be.  I love it!

I have been seeing some great live music acts lately!  Jazz bands at Saint Mazie’s and The Heathens at the Heath!  

READING:  In a moment of weakness, I ordered four new Heinlein novels – it’s an addiction, what can I say?!  They’ve started to arrive, and I’ve begun reading The Puppet Masters which reminds me a lot of Friday so far!  I’m also excited for The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and the follow-up The Rolling Stones and Starman Jones.  I think this all came about because I hadn’t read a new Heinlein book since like, JUNE, and I was missing them!  Is it weird that his writerly voice feels like a friend to me?  IN OTHER NEWS, I have finally convinced my boyfriend to read U.K. LeGuin’s The Left Hand of Darkness!  I’m so excited for him to experience it for the first time, I know he’s going to love it!

WORKING ON:  I listed some of my projects above, but I want to take charge around here and get these things done.  But mainly, I’ve been putting my heart and soul into this blog!  Haven’t you noticed?  I’m working on posting more personal updates, and trying to pump my brain for creative funny posts, and I hope it’s paying off.  I would love, more than anything, for this blog to be more popular, but a lot of soul-searching shows me that I’m proud of my work whether nobody reads it at all, or I get 16 comments on a single post.  I think the bottom line is, do what makes you happy. 

THINKING ABOUT:  How to turn my passions into a money-making career?

EATING:  Well, we just discovered this amazing Indonesian restaurant down the street that is mind-blowingly delicious!  I can’t wait to go back there again!  Also, I’ve been cooking arepas and eating spinach like my life depends on it.

I seriously cannot believe New York Comic Con is in like, A WEEK.  I’m so excited to go this year!  Halloween and all my tours as well – I’m really going for gusto with my performances now because I have nothing to hold me back.  I’ve started volunteering with the City Reliquary and I’m excited to get more involved over there!.

MAKING ME HAPPY:  Greenpointing on the weekends – I love my new neighborhood so much, seeing it makes me so happy!  Cooler temperatures are nice too – I love my warm weather clothes.  All these great books I can read now!  Hanging out with this guy and having vodka lemonade in the park!!


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