My new neighbourhood is the greatest!  I’m so excited to be a Brooklyner, especially in such a quaint, adorable part of town. 

Over the past weekend, I had the chance to explore and photograph just a small handful of places around town (and dine at them).  No better way to beat the heat than with signature cocktails!  And I’m now thrilled to discover that the best sweet potato fries in the world are just down the block from me!!

There are sooooo many houses in Greenpoint that look exactly like this…

It’s like a mashup of sleek luxury condos and these “granny” houses stuck in the ’70s.  Talk about local character!

Zero clues what this means.  But it’s a fun mystery.

Speaking of mysteries… this building here! 
Looks like the Goonies are going to make this a new hideaway spot!

At this point, I will take pictures of anything and everything with the word “Greenpoint” on it.

This public art is mostly green!  And totally rad!

Stay tuned for more fun Greenpointing adventures and if you’re a Greenpointer, follow (and contribute to!) my hashtag #Greenpointing!


4 responses to “Greenpointing”

  1. Looks like you're settling in nicely!

    1. Thanks! I just can't wait to really explore the neighbourhood and take so many more pictures!

  2. Omg. this is genuinely the kind of front steps/front door that I dream about owning one day <3 _ <3

    1. Greenpoint, man! It's totally adorable!!

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