Clothes Horse

  When that new Netflix Marie Kondo show came out, I couldn’t even finish it. The idea of decluttering — especially clothes — does not compute to me. Hi, my name is Meghan, I have a wardrobe problem. The problem is, my closet bar just SNAPPED under the weight of[…]

5 Parts of The Met that You Can’t Miss!

  If you’re a New Yorker, you go to The Met. It’s what you do.  I’ve been thinking about The Met and I’ve decided that The Met is like, Church for New Yorkers. If you live in New York, you should go to The Met if not every week, then[…]

LOST: my inspiration. FOUND: this stuff…

  So I just told you in my boat post that I’ve been struggling with finding “inspiration.” That’s pretty harsh, but it’s true. I’ve been actively searching for, but (largely) failing to find, things that excite me. Apologies in advance for sounding like a total jerk, but I’ve been going through a big period[…]

Vanguard of Fashion w/ my Hair in the Clouds

  It’s happened AGAIN!!!   Dear Readers, it is with utmost humility that I inform you that yours truly is Trendsetter Numero Uno, that’s right, I MAKE THE TRENDS. I was wearing overalls before they were cool. I’ve had bangs my WHOLE LIFE* so take that, Zooey Deschanel!! And now, I’ve resurrected that most unlikely of[…]

Dress For…?

  Who do you dress for?   So it’s often assumed (by men) that women dress for men. When straight men feel like they can comment on how you look or what you’re wearing, it’s just another reminder that in (Straight) Man-O-Vision, everything exists to be pleasing to them. Or, if it[…]

Can Men Wear Clothes?

  It started with the romper. Sorry, romphim. Men, are you ok?   Alright, I hate to say it, but #NotAllMen lost their minds when the romphim, which is a romper for men (?), started making headlines early this spring. Masculinity so fragile that you can wear a shirt, and[…]

5 Tips For Dressing Warm & Stylish In NEW YORK CITY This Winter!!!

Tip #1:  Buy all your “winter fashion” two sizes larger than you normally wear. This way, you can fit more layers underneath and still look fab — no-one would ever guess that you have on a full snowsuit under your cute little outfit!   Tip #2:  If you’re purchasing a new[…]

Dressing For The Weather: New York City Edition

Summer:  “Which of my pretty pretty dresses should I wear today?” *five minutes later*  “Ok, I’m ready!” Fall:  “I can pull off this sundress!  I’ll just put a sweater over it.  And some jeans under it.  And a down coat.  I’m still tan from summer, so you can hardly tell[…]

2015 Best Nine Instagrams

What the hell is this post, a shameless plug for my Instagram?  On the one hand, yes definitely.  On the other hand, I’ve felt an Instagram rant has been long overdue from me and I want to get my feelings out there and see what you think.  But first, the[…]

2015 in Review: Second Quarter

APRIL I Have A Crush (4/4/15): “Brooklyn’s humble, eclectic charm was calling to me.  While my old haunts were burning down, moving out, or turning into 7-11’s, I turned to Brooklyn’s vintage shops and offbeat museums for respite.  When Manhattan rushed me, I’d spend carefree weekends winding down windy streets.”[…]

Dear Santa…

Dear Santa: I don’t ask for much in the way of gifts and presents, because what I really want can’t sit under the tree with a shiny red bow on top.  Santa, if you think (as I do) that I’ve been good this year, I will be even better next[…]

How I Got My Halloween Costume For Free

Pre-tour selfie on Halloween Eve!  Look at that grin! It’s been a week since Halloween and I just don’t know how to go on.  Really.  Halloween is the highlight of my year:  being a tour guide for Ghosts, Murders and Mayhem Walking Tours (best job EVAR) means that Halloween is[…]


Loathe as I am to even grant this video more views than it already has, I watched it yesterday through my fingers, with all the lights on, covering my mouth in advance of the vomit I felt rising in my throat.  It’s less than six minutes long, but it’s the[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Want To Dress Up As For Halloween

Comic Con has come and gone, and Halloween is near!  Here are the costumes I would be wearing on Halloween *if* I didn’t have to work that night and *if* I had the energy and funds to pull them off! 1.  Data, Star Trek: The Next Generation  oh, of course[…]

Five Clothing Items to Survive Winter in NYC

I always say, it’s summer in New York until THE SECOND it becomes winter and then it’s winter until THE SECOND it becomes summer.  When did winter happen, you ask?  Winter happened overnight on October 1st.  Which is cool!  I can appreciate you, winter, for being organized and arriving on[…]

Dress Code Rules

School is back in session this year and already a hot topic:  DRESS CODES!  What girls wear, or don’t wear, can make or break an educational environment.  You see, without strict dress codes dictating what girls can wear, female students will just wear whatever clothes they feel comfortable in, just[…]

5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Fictional Fashion

Favourite Fictional Fashion (or: “I just want to rock a jumpsuit): 1.  Kaylee Frye from Firefly  makes a jumpsuit look pretty…pretty, actually! 2.  Batgirl of Burnside  has some admittedly hipster but fashionable looks!  I would absolutely raid her closet. 3.  Friday from Friday  normally I’d never want to dress (or[…]

A Mile in Grown-Up Shoes

Let’s face it:  being an adult is hard, from your head down to your toes.  You not only have to think and act like an adult, you also have to dress like one!  I have been mostly successful at avoiding this until yesterday, when special circumstances warranted that I wear…grown-up[…]