2015 Best Nine Instagrams

What the hell is this post, a shameless plug for my Instagram?  On the one hand, yes definitely.  On the other hand, I’ve felt an Instagram rant has been long overdue from me and I want to get my feelings out there and see what you think.  But first, the ‘grams:

1.  My top ‘gram of the year is the most ‘cliche’ photo I’ve ever taken, but I swear the story behind it is awesome:  on a day when I was feeling miserable and lonely, I stuffed myself into some tight jeans and took a trip to my old stomping grounds.  I bought a book from my old street bookseller, Steve at 113th and Broadway.  I love Steve because he treats me like a person, and not like a girl.  When we talk about books, I feel respected and intelligent  He spits a little when he talks, because he’s missing a lot of teeth, and I shake his hand even though his fingernails are caked in dirt.  I went to the bathroom at the Starbucks near Columbia University, and bought myself a pumpkin spice frappuccino which I enjoyed despite judgemental stares from everyone on the street.  I took a picture, and it later got featured on the Starbucks page.  Shrug.

2.  The day after Thanksgiving, while visiting my boyfriend’s family, we took a hike in the woods near this historic house.  The day was warm and golden.  I wish this photo was a scratch-n-sniff.

3.  One of my favourite things in 2015 was Lush!  I’m afraid to use the products now that I’m going through dermatological treatments, but I love reliving it through pictures.

4.  I woke up with amazing bedhead.  I believe good hair constitutes a moral obligation to take a selfie.

5.  I did this thing for a while where I got dressed up for no reason but to take pictures of myself wearing outfits.  This was one of my favourite pictures from that era because I look so darn happy.

6.  From the post-Thanksgiving hike.  A fallen tree.  “Babe, please don’t hate me, would you please take my picture with it?”

7.  Pre-Thanksgiving.  Our neighbors down the street are champions of inflatable holiday decorations.  One post-brunch stroll with dirty hair, minimal makeup, and I’m over the moon for this turkey.  Say it again: “Babe, please don’t hate me, would you please take my picture with it?”

8.  Another of the best things in 2015 was being introduced to Frangelico!   It’s a very sweet, syrupy hazelnut liquor that pairs well with citrus.  I’ve gone through so much of this stuff.  I’ve also gotten over the guilt that I’ve had around drinking for my own pleasure ever since I first heard that line in Gone With The Wind:  “Never drink alone, Scarlett.”  Fiddle-dee-dee, Rhett.  Feet up, Frangelico.  Me time.

9.  I wore this outfit out to brunch.  I asked my boyfriend to “Be honest, do I look like a technicolor ostrich?”  I took photos to see for myself.  #TechnicolorOstrich

Overall, I’m very pleased with my #2015BestNine.  Most of these pictures captured moments of real, genuine happiness.  They represent a snapshot of my life, or something I wish I could share with everyone.

I’m about to lose a lot of friends (sorry!) by saying this, but I just don’t like “curated” Instagram feeds.  I appreciate a good flat-lay (I wish I could master the art myself!).  I said I was going to lose a lot of friends, didn’t I?!  I mean, this is just my opinion here, so feel free to disregard it (or argue with me in the comments!), but my favourite Instagram feeds are like “Twitter, but pictures.”  Call me old-fashioned (“you’re old fashioned!” – everybody), but I like my Instas like I like my blogs:  an intimate quick peek into someone else’s life.  I guess what I’m saying is, If you like to follow Instagrams which aren’t at all themed, have NO colour scheme and post erratically as hell, FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM!  Also, share YOUR Instagram opinions in the comments!


6 responses to “2015 Best Nine Instagrams”

  1. Thank god you think this cause my insta is in no way themed hahaha I don't know how people do it? I just thought instagram was to upload pics of what you're doing in your life but there's a whole science behind it that I cannot get my head around?! People plan pictures that go well beside eachother and all I can think is – "aint nobody got time for that!?" I mean it looks great but wow!


    1. I mean, it's totally a personal preference! I can see why people would love to look at curated, artistically arranged photos, but for me, that's what I use Pinterest for! If I'm following an account and I can't put a face to the flat-lays, I'll unfollow because I don't feel connected. AGAIN – this is all a personal preference, but that's what I like.

  2. I love your top nine! I don't really have a theme or look for my IG too. I just don't get the point of it I guess.

    1. I totally get having a themed instagram if you're a designer, photographer, or artist. I follow some Instagrams of cartoonists where it's uniform, predictable, and curated. But from a person, I feel like I get to know you better when I see your favourite coffee mug, the view down your street, the band-aid from your paper cut, your dinner, your drunk face, and loads of selfies. That's the stuff what makes me follow a personal account!!

  3. Theme? Oh lord. Waaaay too much work.
    I take pictures of my dog.
    I follow accounts that are pictures of other people's dogs.
    And some artists and designers and friends.
    But mostly dogs.
    Gonna go look at dog pics now.

    1. I think I'm following like… five corgi accounts ALONE! That in itself is a weird thing: the dogs are Instagram celebrities? The whole thing about this new technology is trying to figure out how to use it and what it's for. That's how Facebook replace MySpace and Twitter replaced Facebook and Facebook became the Pinterest your mom knows how to use. I still haven't figured out Snapchat, and now there's Peach? I dunno – all opinions expressed in this piece are my own dumb ones you can feel free to disregard.

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