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So I just told you in my boat post that I’ve been struggling with finding “inspiration.” That’s pretty harsh, but it’s true. I’ve been actively searching for, but (largely) failing to find, things that excite me. Apologies in advance for sounding like a total jerk, but I’ve been going through a big period of “blah.” I’m not, like, demanding to be entertained every second of the day, but there is a stark contrast between Me At Work: v. engaged, excited, driven, and passionate… and Me At Home: bored, listless, aimless, and uninspired. I’m struggling to find anything that sparks my interest, anything that might give me a clue as to What The Fuck Should I Be Doing With My Life???.

Except…this stuff.

In the grand (dropped) tradition of shitposting lists & linkups on Friday (remember the Good News series? Should I revive it? Does this count?), I’ve devoted today to sharing with you the few, the rare, the wonderful — the things that have been bright spots in a sea of grey.


Obviously, I have to explain that peach pillow. I have no fucking idea how I found it on Amazon, but my life has been a tiny bit brighter ever since. Cute story! My dad’s nickname for me is “Peaches” because when I was a baby, “peaches” was one of my first words, and according to family legend, whenever I was asked what I wanted to eat, I would respond with “PEACHES!” Initially, I liked it because it was bright and cheerful, and it looked like a comfortable pillow to lean up against while working from my bed. THEN I READ THE CUSTOMER COMMENTS. Apparently, this is a sex toy? Or, people are mistaking it for a sex toy? I had to put it on my Amazon wishlist, and there may come a day when I impulse-buy this absolutely ridiculous and profoundly erotic throw pillow for my room.

“this is just a pillow? right?” I LOL.




I want to shout from the rooftops my admiration for Lima, the author of the blog Fashionicide. Her blog’s tagline is “an oasis of color in a sea of nudes,” and that it is! Do yourself a favor and add her Instagram to your feed, please. And if anyone knows of any other MUAs or fashion bloggers who epitomize “alternative style” or who have unique and aspirational style, please send them my way!



I’m also experiencing renewed love & appreciation for Helen Anderson. I’ve been a fan of her YouTube channels for a long time. Her videos are artful and clever, and her personality is larger-than-life — a breath of fresh air when so much of YouTube these days is all quiet and polite, bland and “brands.” I really look forward to her stuff every day, whether it’s a daily vlog or her fully-produced 2017 Favourites video (too catchy), I just… appreciate her so much because I find what she’s doing so unique? And also, if you have any recommendations for YouTubers you think I’d like, TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS! I am thirsty for inspo!



My IRL friend Connie invented (she who blogs it, invented it!) the most delicious egg salad. I was there! I WAS THERE! at the Thanksgiving sandwich extravaganza, and I have made this egg salad no less than TWICE since then (a marvel, since I Never Cook™) and I cannot recommend it enough. The only suggestion I would make is, double this recipe. Because you’ll want to eat it all in one sitting. But if you make DOUBLE, you *might* have some left over (#smart).



Shoot, I’ve followed Mary Lane’s blog New York Cliché for a DAMN LONG TIME. Since… 2012? And I wanna shout her out because her Instagram is ON FIRE lately for EXCELLENT NYC PHOTOS. Sincerely, babes, you MUST follow her and keep up-to-date on her Insta stories. Like, post-haste.



Speaking of Instas that are ??? lately, I don’t know why I wasn’t following Time Out New York’s Instagram until now? But I have since corrected my error, and can I be weird for a second? TONYInsta has actually motivated me to get out of the house and do things around town? If anyone wants to buy me this drink, HMU ASAP.



RPDR AS3 is coming soon. Like, NEXT WEEK, innit??? And personally, this is RIGHT ON TIME for me. I feel like I live from season to season, week to week, episode to episode whenever RPDR is on the air. Talk about inspirational!!! The talented (charismatic, unique, and …nervy?) queens always make my heart explode with giddiness, at the possibilities of fashion, performance, humor, and strength. AS2 was so unexpected, and SO good, I can’t wait to see what season 3 brings! Personally, I’m rooting for Thorgy. I loved meeting her at DragCon, I want my hometown girl to snatch that crown!


Another bright spot in my life are the Christmas lights my neighbor across the garbage alley (HA!) still has hanging up. I’m Team Christmas Lights Until Spring, because January, February, and early March are Depressing As Fuck, and we need all the twinkle, sparkle, and shine.

And related… MY ROOM! I fully expect to get motivated VERY SOON to clean my room, so I can take pictures, so I can post a ROOM TOUR/ODE TO MY NEW ABODE.

I took this quiz from babe (yes, that babe) and at the end of it, a crying cat declared me “ugly.” I laughed so hard! I don’t know if that’s the ultimate response, no matter which selections you make in the quiz, but I kind of hope that it is?? It tickles me because I just have to laugh at the futility of these nonsense quizzes. I love the unexpected (see: sexual peach pillow?), and I was NOT expecting to get a completely rude response to this quiz that I put so much thought and effort into!


And finally…


I have been watching Dragula the way some people eat a Whitman’s Sampler: slowly, deliberately, savoring every tiny bit of it. I blame Dragula for my heavy-handed makeup looks the past two days, and it’s THRILLING to see horror and glamor come together in this show. If you, like me, are counting down the days to All Stars 3, give this a watch!


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