Can Men Wear Clothes?


It started with the romper.

Sorry, romphim.

Men, are you ok?


Alright, I hate to say it, but #NotAllMen lost their minds when the romphim, which is a romper for men (?), started making headlines early this spring. Masculinity so fragile that you can wear a shirt, and you can wear shorts, but if the two items are attached, you’ll be blindfolded and marched off a cliff, a pariah! According to straight men, shirts and shorts must be the opposite of church and state: SEPARATE. Just kidding, there were some straight men out there who managed to continue to live their lives without worrying that someone else was having more fun than they were, wearing whatever they wanted without giving any fucks.


Then Donald Trump did a bunch of asinine shit and the romphim headlines fell further and further down the pages, so it was probably the right time for a new male fashion trend to cause widespread uproar.


Meet Lace Shorts. FOR MEN!


Cue the panic.


OBVIOUSLY, this is an outrage. Lace is forbidden! Masculinity is far too fragile to wear lace in public!


So, what can men wear?


  • three-piece suits
  • flannel shirts
  • jeans
  • khaki pants
  • T-shirts with guns on them


via AliExpress



lead image screengrabbed from Business Insider

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