5 Tips For Dressing Warm & Stylish In NEW YORK CITY This Winter!!!

Tip #1:  Buy all your “winter fashion” two sizes larger than you normally wear. This way, you can fit more layers underneath and still look fab — no-one would ever guess that you have on a full snowsuit under your cute little outfit!


Tip #2:  If you’re purchasing a new winter coat this year, consider choosing one in a bright or even neon color! This way, when you get lost in a crowd of tourists (inevitable), your friends can easily find you in the sea of black pea coats, black puffer jackets, and black North Face fleece.


Tip #3:  When people think “New York City,” they think BROADWAY! Steal a look from one of the stars of the Great White Way and the season’s newest big revival — CATS! Grizabella the Glamour Cat always looked so cozy, with her fingerless gloves, mismatched outerwear, and bedraggled furs (photo above). Be warm — “Now and Forever”!


Tip #4:  Collect a range of hoodies in a series of sizes, starting with the smallest size you fit into and going up as high as manufacturers will make. Start out the season wearing the smallest size. Then, when the mercury drops, pull on the next largest hoodie, then the next largest, and so on and so forth. Don’t think of yourself as a human being with style and taste anymore: think of yourself as a matryoshka doll, made up of hoodies. Hoodies on hoodies on hoodies.


Tip #5:  If going to a restaurant, party, or other indoor space where the heat will be jacked up to oblivion, your base layer will be a bodycon minidress. Yes, a bodycon minidress (below). From there, add sweatsuits, kigurumi, and snow suit layers. Remember to carry a very big purse (ideally a suitcase) as your “statement bag” — ideally, it should state, “Can you believe they even make bags this big?”

When you arrive at your destination, excuse yourself to the bathroom and remove all layers except for the minidress, which will be the appropriate level of clothing for  space and its heating. Stow all of your outerwear in the large purse, which is now your millstone for the rest of the evening. Enjoy!



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