Good News: Cute Things Are Cute


Liz Climo‘s illustrations are freakin’ adorable and super funny.

If you’re a fan of TNG, you have to watch this adorable fan-video made by a kid. OMG. It’s so hilarious. The hashbrown that Troi was saving “for years!” cracks me up.

Dena Landon’s story over at xoJane about Tindering with her 5-year-old son is at once adorable and eye-opening. From the title, I was expecting some “OMG how embar” story, and what I got was a beautifully written peek into what sex-positive conversations about consent with children might look like. If you’re interested in how we can make sex education better for children of all ages, you’ll want to read this story. Also, her relationship with her son sounds so sweet and loving!

Zeus the Stubborn Husky doesn’t seem to want to go on walks. I love that he’s complex, you know? He loves walks (according to his bio), but only on his terms.

Oh so I’ve rediscovered Jessica Simpson this week and how cute is this video?

Finally, Tibby the Corgi is my absolute favorite Instagram pupper! I have notifications set up to let me know every time she posts a photo, and that’s my cue to drop everything and check it out. You’ll be obsessed too, I promise:


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