Enough On My Shoulders

  The recent news cycle has been draining. The recent abortion bans in Georgia, Alabama, Ohio. Every day, my entire social media feed is dominated by stories of desperate women whose lives ended in pursuit of reproductive freedom. Horrifying tales of 11-year olds forced to carry their rapists’ babies to term, women[…]

Time To Feed The Gendered Language Around Periods To The Sharks

    Aunt Flo. Lady Time. Crimson Tide. That last one is a football team, but the other two are euphemisms for PERIODS! Menstruation! And this week, a lot of blood was shed over the way we talk about periods.   Help us evolve language around gender and menstrual health.[…]

Good News! Obamacare Lives to Die Another Day! Also: PUPPIES!

Oh, HELLO! Well, this week has been a ride. Or, to be more specific, it’s been a roller coaster that climbs steadily up and up and up, higher and higher and higher, and then you puke your life out on the way down! Literally. My week had a lot of ups at[…]

The Official February 2017 “What Will Trump Fuck Up Next?” BINGO Card

Twelve days. TWELVE DAYS! It’s been twelve fucking days and while we can’t say that the world is literally on fire, we can’t assume that it won’t start burning tomorrow. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like every waking second is like a slap in the face of all that I[…]

Damn, Am I Glad I Went To The #WomensMarchNYC

Ok, so I didn’t go enthusiastically. Not at first. My fear and distrust of the general public has increased 1000% after the election. I know that My Liberal Bubble is a relatively safe and progressive place to live, but since November 9th, I can’t help but eye every cis white[…]

GOOD NEWS: You Don’t Have To “Be Positive”

Well, hello again, friends. Every Friday, I try to highlight some of the things that have made me happy during the week. As I struggle in the fight against depression and anxiety, I found it helpful to focus even a small amount of my energies towards finding the positive in[…]