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"News" by Alex Norris

Another week, another struggle to find a silver lining. ICYMI, last month the entire country went insane and it’s only a matter of time before the end of the world! Oh, and also, I had a dizzyingly bad bout of PMS. But the good news is, I’m bleeding today, trading in headaches and cramping and suicidal ideation for…way worse cramping and lots of blood. After my job interview this afternoon, I’m looking forward to chilling out in whatever position I can get comfortable in (#TheStruggleIsSoReal), snacking on some Midol, and doing one of my favorite things: reading webcomics.

I’ve been a fan of webcomics ever since the dial-up days, whiling away my parents’ free month of AOL access to read Dykes to Watch Out For and Big Fat Whale. When I find a comic series I love, I have to read The Entire Archives, starting with #1 going all the way to the current comic (it took me almost a week to get through Girls With Slingshotsremember?!). Or go through their entire Instagram feed to double-tap EVERY piece they post, which is, I’m sure, not creepy AT ALL. Here are some of my absolute faves to follow, for when you (like me) are curled up on the sofa in a fetal position, needing a distraction from your menstrual agony:


Alex Norris is the genius behind the top comic. The running gag seriously never grows old. I love the simple, yet infinitely relatable, tragedy of these comics. Find these on tumblr at, I guarantee you will relate to every. single. panel. There’s something really awesome about finding a comic that just GETS YOU.

lucy knisely

Lucy Knisley has several books and you need to read them all, starting with French Milk. I dare you to read this story and not totally start crying! I’m so in love with her Instagram feed, she updates pretty regularly, and her work has such a joy about it. But first, read that comic. Seriously. You’ll be hooked.

Gemma Correll

You’ve probably already seen Gemma Correll‘s work all over the place, because it’s FAB. It’s relatable AF, she’s wildly imaginative, and off-the-wall creative. Follow her on Instagram and you’ll find yourself sending her comics to your friends through the app, again and again.


Sarah Andersen has all those all-too-relatable moments…and she draws them. And you love them. I love when she illustrates how much periods suck. Oh, I’m definitely feeling that right now (as I write this hunched over, doubled over in pain, with my elbows resting on my legs. Just picture it).

Sad Animal Facts

Sad Animal Facts is one of my favorite Instagram accounts. And the artist’s “making of” video is so painfully cute. Brooke Barker is clever, interesting and draws animals in a way that will make you squee, but also sad.


Sorry to cut this post short, but I can no longer bear to sit upright, and need to go puke/poop/lay down and/or die, so check out these artists! Support their art! Bring me some Midol! And have a great weekend!

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