GOOD NEWS: Few And Far Between, But Still To Be Found

I hate myself for saying this, but this candle is LIT AF.

*groan, shudder*

Welcome back to the weekly GOOD NEWS. I had, um, the HARDEST TIME finding good news this week (do I say that every week?). Well, I guess that’s the point of the exercise, isn’t it? Embracing #TheStruggle to find some good in the world.

Let’s start with this candle. The holidays are really hard, not just because of difficult memories. From anxiety-provoking crowded shops, spending money I can’t afford to spare on gifts, and inevitably forgetting some tiny detail which OMG RUINS CHRISTMAS. I don’t know why people find this fun: stress is not fun. Stress is not fun! But this candle smells like all the parts of Christmas that aren’t stressful at all: namely, decorating a fresh-cut tree while drinking a hot, mulled beverage. So I’ve been REALLY enjoying this candle.

I’ve also been trying to expand my cooking repertoire! I’ve been watching Food Network shows (recently obsessed with Chopped) and trying to pay attention and absorb the basic principles: which herbs compliment which foods, how to add complex flavors by complimenting spicy & sweet & bitter & acid. I am also trying to figure out vegetables for the winter, and pulled off some pretty tasty roasted squash! Food is great.

I also attended No Lights, No Lycra this week after not going for like…months? And, true to form, I am achy and miserable now, days later, so let’s get on with the news:


Save us, SCIENCE! So apparently there’s a super-successful EBOLA VACCINE now! Maybe a Zika vaccine is in the near future as well? Let’s just keep making medical research a priority! *fingers crossed*


Save us, OBAMA! So apparently, the last legitimately-elected POTUS (calling it now) is going to dismantle the “Muslim registry” that was put in place after 9/11? I want to hope, but like, my faith in government is shattered, so we’ll see.


My Femnasty piece this week, “Casual Sex, Actually” is a festive spin on the classic (??) holiday film all about casual sex!! It may be one of the most vulnerable things I’ve written this year, and I love it!


Stay petty, NYC: when the Whole Foods across the street from the Trump Hotel started selling an NYC bodega staple for double the retail price (under a banner that REEKS of imperialist conquest which, mega-barf), asked real New Yorkers to tell them where to find the best “authentic” chopped cheese in the five boroughs…and real NYers said, “fuck you.” This entire story is a thing of beauty and may just be the It’s A Wonderful Life tale that 2016 didn’t know it needed.


Stay Canadian, Canada: this stirring tale of a man who rode his Zamboni through the Tim Horton’s drive-thru makes me so proud of my Canadian roots (ROOTS lol get it?).


Mean, but funny? Parody of Eloise all about Barron Trump (via Jezebel). Doesn’t make fun of a kid, though, so it’s ok?


Mean, but funny? Part 2: This goat is terrorizing a small town, proof that “The Trump Effect” is leaking over into the animal kingdom. Why is this goat such a dick? What is his problem? I shouldn’t laugh at this but…I do.


I probably won’t update over the weekend because of a last-minute change of plans, so Merry Christmas if you care to have one. Remember to put Cetaphil lotion on your hands and around your eyes if you’re breaking out in Christmas rashes (everyone gets those, right? No? Just Me? FML). Have some Moscato for me and remember, this too shall pass. Come Monday morn, we can go back to being our normal selves and stop having the “BUT IT’S CHRISTMAS!” Faux Festive Feelings shoved down our throats. I hope I’ve helped you find some authentic good in the world over the past couple of months, and let this GOOD NEWS warm your heart the way it warms mine.

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