Let’s talk about this GOOD NEWS for a little while and ignore that icky thing happening today SHH no don’t say it because *he* is a bully and bullies thrive on attention

CONFESSION: for most of my life, I’ve been terrified of Hot Glue Guns. I think I can trace this back to a school-sanctioned crafting event as a child where I realized DAMN, hot glue guns are HOT! Like, hotter even than you’d think! And the GOOD NEWS this week is that I actually….ADORE HOT GLUE GUNS! I used one at work and I felt so powerful — not just for conquering the old fear, but also for how easy they are to use — and admittedly, my very-calloused fingertips are not what they used to be, so touching hot glue wasn’t actually all that scary. It was awesome!

So my hot glue story wasn’t just about hot glue — did you guess? My hot glue revelation is kind of a metaphor, a meditation on the future. I don’t want to be unrealistic, but my sincere hope is that this new phase we enter into today (don’t make me say it) turns out to be a lot like my encounter with the hot glue gun. Which is to say, I’m either hoping that it isn’t as terrible as we think it’s going to be, or that we are all tough enough so that it’s as minimally painful as possible (like my calloused fingertips. RIP my sense of touch).

I also want to throw this in here and say that I had a dream last night that I met Lin Manuel Miranda at an adult jungle gym and fell madly in love with his personality and now I’m bashful around Hamilton GIFs because what can I say, last night was intense.


I just started following the Endless Screaming Twitter account and I am so glad that I did. Seeing random screams in my Twitter feed surprises me and makes me laugh, because Twitter lately makes me want to scream, so…


Finally, I started watching Key & Peele and it…is…EVERYTHING!!!

Here’s hoping your weekend has minimal “endless screaming” and glue-related burns, and stay safe at your marches!

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