7 Things That Made Me Happy To The Point Of Tears This Week

Wow, you guys, this week has been A DOOZY! DOOZY, I say! There’s been A LOT going on and the weekend is almost upon us! I have a tour in Lower Manhattan on Saturday, and it’s supposed to rain again but like, it rained on me last week! I got this. Anyhoozlebees, here’s the seven things that made me so happy I *almost* cried this week. Okay, maybe I cried a little. I have a lot of feelings.


This package:

my license from the Golden Cafe

So, I brought an old ID to Burning Man to use at bars…and promptly lost it on Monday afternoon. It was firmly attached to my bag, and the apparatus broke! Well, long story short, the staff of The Golden Cafe mailed it to my old address, and the current tenant found me on Twitter, and she was kind enough to reunite me with my package and this lovely surprise! I was over the moooon when I opened it up and saw the coveted secret pendant inside, as well as my license! *sniff* Choked up!


This 5-year-old girl’s backyard:

Lylah McCall’s father Gavin built her an obstacle course in the backyard. I remember playing “The Floor Is Lava” as a kid, I can only imagine how much fun this is. I love how he is encouraging his daughter to be brave, athletic, and tackle challenges. *sniff* Go, Lylah, go!


This emoji:

potential head scarf emojis, via The New York Times
potential head scarf emojis, via The New York Times

Or should I say, future emoji? Rayouf Alhumedhi is a SUPER-ARTICULATE 15-year-old girl living in Germany, and her campaign to get a woman wearing a headscarf made into an emoji literally brought tears to my eyes. I believe emojis are important: they’re a recognition of the symbols that are important to our society. Tacos, unicorns, barfing faces, all of these are at your fingertips but there is NO hijab emoji? Alhumedhi states that she “would like to be represented and acknowledged,” according to The New York Times. *sniff* Yeah, don’t we all! Praise hands emoji for you, Rayouf!


This sex toy:

the BuckOFF FTM Stroker
the BuckOFF FTM Stroker

I have a bottomless well of respect for Buck Angel, and when I read this article about the release of his new FTM-specific sex toy, I literally teared up a bit. “[Perfect Fit] saw this as an important product, not only for the pleasure products world, but also because it acknowledges that transmen are valued enough to have their own adult toy,” says Angel. *sniff* Damn right.


This bear:

He’s saying hi! It’s so cute! Apparently, this is not unusual, I have found many videos of bears waving to humans. Um. Adorable. Un-BEAR-ably cute.


This conditioner:

I received a free sample of the system through Influenster, and I actually loved it so much, I went out and bought it. I’ve been waiting for over a month for my hair to return to pre-Burning Man condition and nothing was helping. One use of the mask + hair lotion and it’s back to healthy! Plus, I adore the minty smell that lingers after use. *sniff* Yep, I smell pretty terrific.


This Disney video:


Do you want three more things making me happy this week?!? Okay, here we go:

It’s FEMNASTY’S BIRTHDAY! I’m so happy to be a part of the Femnasty team I could cry. Today’s post is all about Glamour! Intrigue! Celebrity! Jewels! And the City of Light — Paris! Check out The Paris Heist at Femnasty.com!


I’m also covering the debates for Open Thought Vortex Magazine, and my attempt to make the Vice Presidential debate, er, interesting, just went up today as well! Remember, There Are No Losers (Except The Moderator) and learn some cool classroom management tips from me, your favorite ex-teacher!


And don’t forget to check in over at Queenthings for new posts by Yours Truly! I am so excited to contribute to the wonderful, positive space that Queenthings has started and every blog is truly worth reading.

Now, I just finished a HUGE project and I’ve got to celebrate! I’m thinking some ice cream, some music, maybe a movie, who knows? Hope you’re all having a great Thursday and that these things have brought some joy to YOUR life, too!


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